Biow ist bei den Spielern von Real Madrid im Einsatz

Higher performance

A revolution in sports

Successful clubs and individual athletes increase their physical performance and the ability to faster recovery. Biow is a revolution in competitive sports.

Steigerung von Regeneration und Leistung

  • Höhere Leistungsfähigkeit
  • Steigerung von VO2 max
  • Schnellere Erholung und (Zell-)Regeneration
  • Weniger Stress
  • Bessere Atmung
  • Gesteigerte Aufnahme von Sauerstoff
  • Steigerung der Sauerstoffversorgung der Zellen und inneren Organe
  • Unterstützung von Muskelkoordination und Entscheidungsfindung
  • Verbesserung des Muskeltonus und der Vitalität

Successful teams use Biow

Cycling Team Movistar

Dr. Eduardo González Salvador, team doctor

"At the Movistar team, we are now using the BIOW device for the second season. The riders have found that they recover better. By improving the quality of the air they breathe, their sleep is deeper and more restful. This leads to better recovery in the long run, especially in stage races and Grand Tours, and therefore becomes a key factor in improving performance in the medium and long term.

Experience report of the Movistar team
Villarreal CF Logo

Villarreal CF

Héctor Usó, responsible nutritionist

"What BIOW brings to an athlete, together with proper nutrition, is the improvement of all parameters associated with cell regeneration. These include, for example, increased energy production and improved antioxidant capabilities. This helps the body to function and recover better."

Spanischer Fussballverband RFEF Logo

Spanish Football Association

Biow supports the Spanish National Football Team by supporting the athletes' endogenous cell regeneration. The devices have been installed in each of the rooms of the members of the Spanish national football team, in the Ciudad del Fútbol and in the main rooms of the Hotel Sefutbol de las Rozas.

The aim is to increase energy production and improve night's rest (higher sleep efficiency) through the regeneration of the immediate environment (exposome)

Real Madrid Logo

Real Madrid C.F.

Even the players of Real Madrid, the most successful football club in the world, use Biow for regeneration and long-term performance enhancement.

Olympic champion 2008 in Beijing
Samuel Sanchez

"Thanks to the improved regeneration with Biow, I feel an increased performance"

Per sponsor
Real Madrid Next

Real Madrid C. F. launches Real Madrid Next with the aim of maintaining the leadership of the sports industry in the purely sporting as well as social and economic levels.
In this course, read the interview of Pedro Llana, developer of Biow about the use of Biow at Real Madrid and other top athletes and clubs.