Fighting allergies

Ionizer and air purifier for allergy sufferers

Which devices work effectively against fine dust, house dust and pollen? And which filter protects you from gaseous substances? We compare air purifiers from Xiaomi, Dyson and Aircleaner with Biow.

Wake up more refreshed in the morning and feel full of energy and vigour again in your own four walls. It's possible! With good air quality, you can significantly improve your quality of life and sleep.

Air quality = quality of life

You're at home and the sneezing just won't stop. Puffy eyes, runny nose, shortness of breath, skin rash, fatigue

Allergies? these can all be signs of allergies triggered by pollen, house dust or fine dust. The symptoms significantly affect your well-being and can rob you of sleep.

Recovering in your home

Wendy Mazenauer from Cham, ZG also had problems finding restful sleep for a long time and was often tired. She knew that something had to change and got in touch with us to test the Biow air ionizer. Today, she wouldn't give it away.

Wendy Mazenauer wouldn't want to be without Biow

"With Biow, I sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed. The air in my bedroom is pleasantly clean all night."

Wendy Mazenauer from Cham, ZG

Why invest in an air purifier or air ionizer?

About 90 percent of our time is spent indoors. Be it at home or in the office, the air is usually many times more polluted than outdoors. We breathe in up to 100 billion nanoparticles like fine dust every day, which our bodies have to cope with. Many are so tiny that they enter the bloodstream and can be partly responsible for the development of allergies and diseases such as asthma or even cancer.

Pollutant levels indoors can be two to five times higher than outdoors. The greater the filtration level, the broader the range of pests eliminated.

Air Purifier vs. Air Ionizer

An air purifier works primarily with mechanical filters. Air is drawn in, forced through fine filters, and then released back into the room. In the process, most particles above a certain size get trapped in the filters. However, many particles are too small for physical filters. This is where ionization comes into play. Ionization uses the electrostatic properties of the room air and eliminates remaining particles by releasing negatively charged ions into the room. In the air, they combine with the positively charged particles, causing them to become heavy and fall to the floor. Combining both functions is technically challenging, but offers the great advantage of providing health benefits in addition to clean, fresh air. Among the devices in the comparison, only Biow features this combination of cleaning and ionization.

In summary, an air purifier makes sense in almost every situation in life. But beware: unfortunately, not all air purifiers are created equal. There are a variety of devices on the market that protect you from pollen, for example, but fail with gaseous substances. Also important: For a lasting health effect, ionization is decisive.

As an allergy sufferer, you need more!

Video der Sendung Kassensturz vom 11.10.2020

Many manufacturers of air filters promise to filter toxic pollutants. But the "Cash Crash Test" shows that commercially available devices fail when it comes to gaseous substances. Many of the air purifiers tested are barely effective against volatile pollutants such as formaldehyde, which can escape from paint, new furniture or flooring.

The reason for this: the filters are usually not thick enough or the activated carbon layer is too coarse. The gas can irritate the eyes, mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract. Especially for allergy sufferers, this can become a problem.

Our comparison: Biow 100 vs. Dyson vs. Xiaomi vs. Aircleaner

We looked at the following devices:

Comparison Chart of Air Purifiers Reviewed

What air purifiers/air ionizers are generally available for allergy sufferers?

From budget devices to medical air ionizers, there is everything. That's why direct comparisons are often a little difficult. Comparing a BIOW therapeutic air ionizer to a Dyson or Xiaomi air purifier is a bit like comparing a car to an airplane. Industrial air filters, on the other hand, are very expensive.

We are aware: not everyone needs a powerful device that also filters gaseous substances. But if you are an allergy sufferer and suffer from the familiar symptoms, we recommend that you give a Biow device a no obligation trial.

Biow 100 - Medical Air Ionizer

Biow 100

Stylish, with excellent ionization performance and also user-friendly: the Biow 100 impresses with its patented technology and enriches the room air with up to 70.000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimetre.

The filter process is unique and also successfully takes on gaseous substances. It provides the most thorough, efficient and comprehensive purification of indoor air. At the same time, it ensures that our body can absorb more oxygen, which promises us increased regeneration, concentration and performance.

The Biow has been proven to filter harmful molecules from the air:
- Viruses of all kinds (including COVID-19), bacteria and germs
- Fungi and spores
- Fine and house dust, dust mites
- Pollen and pollen
- Microorganisms, nanoparticles such as ash and soot
- Formaldehyde, odors and gases

Conclusion: Breathing healthy, ionized air is elemental to our well-being and allows us to sleep deeply. That's exactly what the Biow makes possible by filtering even the smallest particles, odors and gases that other devices let slip through their fingers. Not only very efficient, but virtually silent and designed by biomedical scientists themselves, it is the top device for allergy sufferers.

You can try it for yourself for free

Dyson PureCool air purifier

Dyson Pure Cool

Nice design and good performance, the Dyson PureCool air purifier is equipped with a filtration system consisting of an activated carbon filter and a HEPA filter with glass fibers. This device is also suitable for allergy sufferers and scores well on RTL's ExpertenTesten.

In combination, the filters remove different particles:
- Viruses and bacteria
- Toner dust and house dust
- Pollen and pollen
- Tobacco smoke
- Mold

Summary: Most Dyson air purifiers are equipped with common HEPA filters. This filters pollutants that are at least 0.1 microns in size from the air. This equipment is well suited for allergy sufferers. Cons: Without ionization of the room air, the effects of air purification do not last very long.

Air Purifier 3H by Xiaomi

Xiaomi Air Purifier

Modern design, very good performance: the Mi Air Purifier 3H by Xiaomi delivers high cleaning performance. It is equipped with a HEPA filter to effectively filter gases and particles as small as 0.3 microns in size.

Good for allergy sufferers, as the following allergens and pollutants are filtered:
- Viruses and bacteria
- House dust
- Pollen and pollen
- Cigarette smoke

Summary: Good devices can also be cheap. With a price starting at 259 francs for the 70m2 version, this air purifier collects plus points. The workmanship is just like the cleaning and filter performance impeccable. The device is pleasantly quiet in night mode. In the highest level, the device manages to sneak 380 cubic meters of air through the filter in an hour. However, a loud 63 decibels in this mode considerably reduce the great filter result. Purification performance for minute particles and gaseous pollutants is poor, according to test by SRF Kassensturz weak.

Aircleaner AC 800

Aircleaner AC800

The Air Cleaner AC-800pro recirculating air cleaner is designed for use in hospitals and other facilities with busy encounter areas. This industrial device is specifically designed to directly disinfect ambient air for public areas and encounter zones. With an effective cleaning capacity of 800 m3 /h (800,000 litres), viruses, bacteria and germs are efficiently inactivated by means of high-performance UV-C irradiation - completely without filters and annoying filter changes.

With a service interval of 12,000 hours, the decentralised and mobile devices are completely maintenance-free and can also be easily integrated into an existing room concept. The UV-C air cleaners are absolutely harmless for the general as well as for the medical area in the running operation for visitors, employees as well as for patients. However, the fact that the Aircleaner is mainly intended for the medical field is reflected in the proud price of CHF 8250.

Total: A powerful device, ideal for use in areas with many people, but also not necessarily suitable for private individuals due to the high price.

Air purifier for allergy sufferers: we recommend Biow

Currently, there are different technologies and devices on the market such as air scrubbers, air purifiers with HEPA filters, activated carbon filters etc. Our Biow ionizer is the only one that uses the patented Wide Spectrum Nano10 (WSN10®) technology. By combining the different filters, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, nanoparticles such as fine dust and many other harmful particles are efficiently eliminated from the room air. Subsequently, the clean air is enriched with oxygen anions.

The special arrangement of filtration processes provides a double effect. In addition to purification, ionization provides an increased anion content in the purified air. This allows for increased oxygen uptake and thus has a health-promoting effect.

Lorenz Keller of has independently tested our Biow and concluded that installation is child's play and the Biow is so quiet that "even in the bedroom the ventilation is barely noticeable". His personal conclusion: "If you don't have ventilation at home, you'll quickly feel an improvement in air quality."

Test Biow 60 days risk-free - money-back guarantee

If you also suffer from allergies, insomnia, snoring, fatigue and listlessness: Test the Biow air ionizer for 60 days and notice for yourself how allergy symptoms are reduced and your own quality of life and sleep increases.

Your benefits with Biow

Sleep deeper and more restfully

Sleep Deeper and More Restful

Breathing healthy, ionized air during the recovery period that is so important to our bodies is elemental to our well-being and allows us to sleep deeply. Breathing is even, snoring is reduced and the organism can rest. The increased oxygen intake during the night is already noticeable the next morning. The peaceful night is followed by a day full of energy.

Promoting health

Protect your loved ones

A central component in Biow's unique filtration process is ionization. It performs two important tasks at once:

1. It enables the filtering of ultra-fine particles that our bodies alone could not keep out of the organism
2. It enables an increased uptake of oxygen

This is how you protect yourself and your loved ones.