Mobile application

You can conveniently control your Biow devices via app on your smartphone. You can find the application itself in the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store:

Biow in the App StoreBiow on Google Play Store
The mobile app for mobile devices allows you to remotely control your Biow device(s), program different filtration modes, and analyze historical air quality data.

Control remotely:

Are you on your way home from vacation and want Biow to have particle-free ambient air set up for you as soon as you get home? No problem, turn on your device from your smartphone, set the work intensity and let Biow do the rest. Also, check the temperature in the room and decide if you want Biow to increase it.

Program a routine:

Adapt Biow to your daily routine. Choose from pre-programmed work modes or set your own when you want your device to work and at what intensity. You take a nap? Then set Biow to work quietly at lunchtime. You like it warm and cosy between 8 and 10 pm? No problem, activate the temperature adjustment during this time. Set up the way your Biow cell regeneration unit works just the way you want it

Data analysis of air quality:

In the Biow app, it is possible to analyze the air quality based on various parameters. Learn which activities in the house cause the parameters to rise (for example, cooking or even lighting candles) and check how quickly Biow eliminates pollutants from the fireplace, candles, etc.