Daskannwas.ch is convinced of Biow

Lorenz Keller from daskannwas.ch has taken a close look at our nanoparticle filter and summarized his experiences and impressions in a test report. In short: He is convinced of Biow!

His report entitled "How a professional automatically clean the air" in the wording (as of 20. August 2021):

How a pro cleans the air automatically

The Swiss importer is so convinced of the quality of the Biow air purifier that it is giving the device to anyone interested for 30 days to test. This, of course, makes gwundrig. We have tried the not quite cheap device therefore.

Text: Lorenz Keller


  • Intelligent automatic
  • .Unique professional-level filter technology
  • Unusual service and advice
  • Enough quiet for into the bedroom


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Yet quite expensive

It's not just because of Corona that the issue of air purification has come into focus. Private individuals also want clean air at home and the security of being able to breathe easily, even in big cities. With the new Biow 60, this now also works in your own home: automatically clean the air like a professional.

Tolles Servicekonzept des Schweizer Importeurs

Gadgets are high-tech, but often one misses a modern approach in the area of service and advice. As a customer, you can hardly contact the manufacturers, the handling of repairs is usually ceded to the dealers, and if you have questions, you end up in a call center. The result: weeks of waiting and hassle, as soon as you have a problem or times not everything goes as planned.

Beim Swiss importer of Biow one goes a different way. Every device is sold after personal contact and consultation. And you also have a normal Swiss phone number where you can call even on weekends if questions arise.

For an additional charge, there is also an assembly service with personal explanation on site. And the importer also has its own showroom in Zug, where you can see the product in action.

And anyone can test the air purifier for 30 days without obligation. If he does not like, then he is picked up again free of charge and you have no costs. Pretty unique such an offer in the tech world.

Ten filters for particles from big to mini

So the Swiss importer is pretty confident in its product. The Biow air purifier comes from Spain and has been tested by universities and several quality testing companies. The studies and certificates are available on the website of Biow .

Compared to cheaper purifiers (here, for example, the test of the Ikea air purifier) Biow goes the professional way. Conventionally, one process is used for air purification, possibly two. With Biow, there are five processes, namely HEPA filter, UV radiation, activated carbon, ionization and thermal sterilization.

In addition, there are other filter processes, so that the device performs a total of ten steps before the air is blown out of the device again. So you don't just have a Hepa-13 filter in there, you have a whole bunch of processes, like double UV irradiation to kill viruses and bacteria. And yes, even coronaviruses don't stand a chance with this air purifier.

Even the smallest particles such as harmful fine dust are removed by the Biow with ionisation. The particles become positively and negatively charged, forming larger clumps that can be filtered.

The device also ionizes the purified air. This is said to make the air "better" by increasing the absorption of oxygen. So the Biow in the bedroom, for instance, can improve sleep - that's one of the reasons people buy it, anyway.

Heavy unit, easy to use

Weighing in at over 13 kilograms, the Biow is rather heavy. Add to that the rather technical design. The device looks a bit like an air conditioner, it's not really pretty. Let's put it this way: the design doesn't hide the function.

After all, it has a large, sturdy shelf on top that you can definitely use. So it's not just lost space if you place the Biow on, say, a dresser.

Installation is a breeze. Just plug it in and get going. It's operated via a sturdy and chic metal remote control that is very reminiscent of Apple products. It's best to set it to "Auto" right away, and the Biow will do the rest.

By the way, you can also download an app and use it to control the device. The advantage: The air purifier can also be programmed here and controlled remotely. So you could always clean at the same time for half an hour at the highest level. Or activate the Biow from the living room before you go to sleep. In addition, there is a statistic in the app about the measured air quality.

But actually the automatic mode is completely sufficient. Because the air purifier from Spain measures the air pollution with sensors and selects the appropriate cleaning strength. On the large screen, by the way, a number is displayed, a collective value for the air pollution.

The coloring shows how good the air quality is. Of course, a green value up to about 25 is ideal.

Orange and red values can also be quickly achieved yourself to test. Just blow out a match or a candle next to the cleaner - and the number explodes because of soot, fine dust, carbon monoxide, etc. It then quickly returns to normal. But it then also quickly returns to normal.

So easy you can clean the air like a pro.


It's great how quiet the Biow is. Using it in the office is no problem, and even in the bedroom the ventilation is barely noticeable. By the way, there is also no unpleasant draught from the cleaner. It is also practical that the device has a built-in light sensor. If it is dark, the display goes off after a short time.

Whoever is fussy has two options. Either the special "Silent" mode, which with around 20 decibels is then really not noticeable from a few steps away. Or the "White" level, which produces a so-called "white noise".

This is a constant, quiet noise in a certain frequency range, which many people find very pleasant and soothing. And it even makes you fall asleep easier. For babies, there are even special sleep aids that do just that, namely produce a white noise.

The quality does cost some

The air purifier comes in two sizes. The Biow 60 for rooms up to 40 square meters. And then rather for SMEs, shops, fitness providers or even schools the Biow 100 for rooms of up to 120 square meters. The smaller model costs 3331 francs, the larger 4408 francs.

You can place the cleaners - ideally not on the floor or on a cabinet, but on a dresser or table. It is also possible to mount the units on the wall - or then on a mobile stand for 297 francs.

In addition to the cost is the annual filter change, but you can easily do it yourself. A replacement filter, which contains several components, costs 98 francs.

This is of course quite an investment, especially for private individuals. On the one hand, you can try out the device for 30 days and return it if you don't like it. On the other hand, you can also rent the Biow for three or six months. If you then want to keep it, the rental fee is deducted in full from the purchase price. That's very fair.

How to clean the air like a pro

Whether the benefit justifies the cost is up to each person to decide. And the advantage with biow is that you don't have to buy a pig in a poke. If the air purification, for example, significantly improves sleep, then that is of course worth a lot.

And even for small businesses - from hairdressers to yoga studios - such a mobile cleaner in professional quality can be a sensible purchase. Especially if the rooms have no ventilation or only a conventional without a good filter system.

Positive is also the low power consumption. Who has his air purifier all the time in operation, gets by with two francs per month electricity costs. That the ecological aspect is also otherwise important with Biow, shows the fact that all components are recyclable.

Apart from the price, the Biow convinces in the test with a simple operation and a good automatic. So you don't have to worry about much as a user and can let the air purifier do its work automatically. Especially those who have no ventilation at home will quickly feel an improvement in air quality. Thanks to activated carbon filters, by the way, also with the odors. Here also gaseous is filtered out.