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Biow as an aid to combat sleep apnea

How can Biow be used as an aid to combat sleep apnea? Is Biow an alternative to the mask?

Sleep apnea is the repeated suspension (apnea) of breathing during the deep sleep phase. Due to the frequent disruption of the resting phase, affected persons usually suffer from daytime sleepiness and heavy snoring. In Switzerland alone, it is estimated that around 150,000 people suffer from this condition. But there are ways to drastically reduce the symptoms. With Biow usually even without mask and oxygen device. Categorized by the Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) as a "Therapeutic Air Ionizer," the everyday helper helps sufferers get back to deep and restful sleep.

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Finally sleep healthy again despite sleep apnea - alternative to the mask

1st step: Pure air

Biow transforms the bedroom into a healthy space free of nanoparticles, bacteria, germs and viruses. A patented, 10-step filtration technology provides comprehensive elimination of these pests. A sub-process of the filtration performance is the so-called ionization. In this process, ions are generated that first interact with the other filtration stages to remove harmful particles from the air. Keeping the air quality clean provides relief for the organism and immune system. Consequently, the body has more energy for respiratory and lung function.

2nd step: healthy air

Once the room air has been freed from pollutants, the ions mentioned above - more precisely, they are negatively charged oxygen ions - distribute themselves in the room air. If they enter the body via the skin and breathing, they cause an improved absorption of oxygen.

For decades, scientific studies and research have shown that numerous health-promoting effects can be derived from breathing in air enriched with oxygen ions.

It is precisely the most common cause of (obstructive) sleep apnea, namely a closed airway due to muscle relaxation in the throat, that often leads to an oxygen undersupply to all organs. Here Biow can help to improve the oxygen supply of the organism.

Enjoy the positive effects

The result of breathing in a healthy and particle-free environment is, among other things, deep, restful sleep. This can mitigate the causes of sleep apnea and ensure that the typical apnea symptoms like breathing interruptions occur less frequently and less severely. As a result, sufferers are often able to sleep and get adequate rest without a mask or oxygen pump thanks to Biow. The effective filtering of harmful molecules from the room air allows the body the best possible regeneration. In addition, deposits of nanoparticles and other harmful substances already present in the organism can be better broken down by the body. Biow works biophysically, which means that no chemical substances or processes are used. Also, no side effects have been reported by Biow users or through extensive testing and studies. Because of its non-invasive function, the tool can be used for fighting sleep apnea in addition to any treatment patients are already completing.

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Questions about sleep apnea

The muscles in the upper airways relax. This causes the airways in the throat to become narrow or completely blocked. When inhaling and exhaling, snoring noises often occur. This breathing disorder causes the body to not receive enough oxygen. This causes sleep pnea.

When you have sleep apnea, you can experience different symptoms. In most cases, these are snoring, but also breathing pauses at night and waking up suddenly. Other symptoms are headaches, difficulty concentrating or permanent tiredness throughout the day. It is interesting that this disease can differ in men and women. Accordingly, the same symptoms do not have to occur with sleep apnea and can vary in some cases.

You need to determine how severe your sleep apnea is.
If you have mild sleep apnea, there are different ways to treat the problem yourself. Here you should, for example, pay attention to your habits (reduce a lot of alcohol or heavy smoking) and change them if necessary. Sleep apnea can often be improved by losing weight. Another method is to make sure you don't sleep on your back. Furthermore, an ionizer in the bedroom ensures a better sleep. Read more about our biow here ionizer.
If you have severe sleep apnea, you should definitely consult your family doctor and discuss which therapy is right for you. However, it is fundamentally important to deal intensively with this topic in advance and to know all the alternatives.

The purpose of the CPAP mask is to pump air into your airways with a slight pressure throughout the night. This keeps the airways clear and there are no breathing pauses. The mask itself takes some getting used to for many people. That is why many patients are looking for a sensible replacement. However, the airways can also be kept clear by using Biow, as many customers with sleep apnea confirm. However, this ideal scenario does not apply to everyone without exception. That's why you can try our ionizer for free for 30 days.

We have many clients with sleep apnea who have already tested and purchased our ionizer. You could significantly improve your sleep apnea symptoms. Your customer opinion is very important to us. Our customers are also very grateful to have found an alternative to the sleep apnea mask.

If you suffer from sleep apnea yourself and you are interested in our device, you are welcome to arrange a non-binding consultation appointment. You can also test our device free of charge and convince yourself of the quality and the lasting improvement in your sleep apnea symptoms. Read more about our Biow ionizer or contact us conveniently via ourContact.