Scientific background

Ionization, ionized air and healthy indoor climate

Our blog posts on the topics of ionization, air ionization and healthy indoor climate are intended to provide an understanding of Biow's complex technology and mode of action. Our concern is to inform our customers and interested parties in the best possible way. Therefore, the articles have the intention to provide a great understanding of our technology in simple words.

The articles range from initial background information on the topic of "ions" (What are ions? What causes ions? What do they do? etc.) to Cold Plasma Ionization to detailed scientific studies and literature articles on the medical effects of oxygen anions.

Our articles are researched to the best of our ability and are based on the current state of scientific knowledge. However, science is never unchangeable, especially in a field that still offers much room for new knowledge. Therefore, we would like to point out that we cannot guarantee any conclusive validity of the statements and interpretations of the articles.