Das Geheimnis gesunder Luft | Pollenfreie Bergluft für zu Hause

Unique technology

The secret of healthy air

What is unique about Biow? Why is it worth investing in a Biow ionization unit?

The challenge

The main task of Biow is to enrich the indoor air with a constant high amount of health-promoting ions. Only when these ions enter our bodies through inhalation do they provide the many health benefits.

The ions

However, ions can unfortunately not simply be released into the room air. It is also difficult to transport them through the air to the user. This is because ions are very reactive molecules that, after being released from the device, combine with the next best particle in the air and sink to the ground as lumps. Thus, they lose their health-promoting properties.

The unique solution

Biow's patented technology ensures on the one hand a particle-free room air, so that the generated ions do not meet any obstacles and can thus spend a long time in the room air. Furthermore, the special outlet technology ensures that the ions can reach the user over a long distance in a targeted manner.

favorable 24/7 operation

Built for ever

Highest quality materials, a low-consumption continuous operation and a modern design - Our ionizer is made to accompany you for a lifetime.


The health benefits

Deep, restful sleep

A sleep feeling like never before, no snoring and no waking up. Simply a restful sleep and optimal regeneration. Because a good day begins with a good night.

Regeneration while sleeping

More energy and endurance

More performance, concentration and endurance for work and leisure. Peak performance in office and sports.

More about performance enhancement

More quality of life

A body that feels decades younger noticeably increases enjoyment of life. Biow users suffer less from physical complaints and are fitter.

Health benefits of ionized air