Biow hat viele Vorteile für Golfer

Mental freshness

Biow ionizers for golfers

There are probably few sports where mental freshness is as important as in golf. We explain how Biow can help you improve your game by increasing focus and stamina - literally while you sleep. Discover the benefits of Biow on your golf game!

Weniger Schnarchen

Sleep and regeneration

Deep, restful sleep thanks to quiet breathing in a healthy environment.

The body releases growth hormones and regenerates the cells.

Energie, Ausdauer und Konzentration

Energy, endurance and concentration

Recovered wake up after optimal regeneration phase. The body has noticeably more energy, endurance and mental abilities such as concentration increase.

Golf score

Golf Score

The performance becomes more consistent thanks to improved concentration, the score can be improved. The fun of the game of golf increases.

What is Biow and how does it work?

Biow is a high-tech device that can revolutionize your golf game while you sleep. You place it in your bedroom where it creates a constant high concentration of negatively charged ions without creating ozone. These anions promote increased oxygen uptake. This helps you sleep deeper and healthier, regenerate better and wake up more refreshed.


Keep concentration until the 18th hole

The positive effect on the body during the sleep phase results in an increased energy level for the day. The ability to concentrate as well as the endurance can be strengthened. It is easier to keep the game at a more constant level. This is ultimately reflected in the general well-being as well as in the score.


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