Frequently asked questions

What makes our air ionizers so special?


Biow is unique in many ways. The many years of development by specialists in the fields of plasma medicine and nanotechnology, the proven effectiveness and the applicability for everyone are only some of the reasons why the patented Biow technology is so successful.

The scientific complexity of the relationships between performance from impact of air ionizers is also why detailed explanations of individual aspects are necessary.

Our FAQ or frequently asked questions page is designed to remedy and answer these.


What is the advantage of an air ionizer over air purifiers, air scrubbers and air filters?

Air purifiers, air scrubbers and air filters are usually only good for one thing, filtering the air of viruses, germs and other pests up to a certain size. They often do this well enough, so that small positive effects occur.

An air ionizer offers the possibility that the air in the room is enriched with ions, providing an active health effect.

Biow combines both processes and is particularly good at both purification and ionization. You can read more in detail in our blog post on the differences between air purifiers and air ionizers.

  1. To effectively remove harmful particles from indoor air, several processes are available, including HEPA filters, UV radiation, activated carbon, ionization and thermal sterilization. Many room air filters use one process, and in some cases two, as our comparison shows. Biow, on the other hand, uses all of the above processes. This thorough and comprehensive cleaning is patented and makes Biow unique.
  2. Biow is also unique in the field of ionization. Thus, the Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) has classified Biow as the only device in the world as a "therapeutic air ionizer". This confirms the medical effect of ionization. The secret lies in the fact that Biow the generated ions are actually available. They are carried far into the room thanks to a patented technology and can thus develop their effectiveness first.

More about how Biow works

What other advantages does Biow have?

  • Biow is extremely quiet and does not disturb sleep.
  • It increases the ozone concentration in the room not, as confirmed by the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.
  • It consumes very little electricity, less than CHF 1.- per month.
  • It is recommended by many experts from different fields.
  • The devices are designed for decades of use. Biow will be your reliable companion - for life.
  • All components are of the highest quality and can be replaced individually, should anything break.
  • No external maintenance required. The filters can be replaced even by hand

Has the use of Biow side effects?

No. The filter process is based on physical principles, chemistry is not used. Also, in extensive studies as well as customer feedback, no side effects have been reported.


What are the effects caused by Biow?

The combination of particle-free and ion-enriched air provides increased regeneration and increased oxygen intake. This leads to improved and restful sleep, increased body performance, better brain performance, increased cell regeneration, but also a reduction in oxidative stress and fewer diseases.

Do all possible effects occur safely?

The effects that occur vary from user to user and cannot be defined 100% accurately in advance. However, there are strong tendencies. Smoker(s) will most likely notice improved breathing, improved circulation, and increased fitness. People with sleep problems, on the other hand, have a strong tendency to finally sleep through the night and snore less with Biow. Athletes often notice significantly improved regeneration as well as performance.

Because of the individual strength of the effects, we give all interested parties the opportunity to test Biow for 60 days completely risk-free.

How can I estimate which effects I will experience?

We will be happy to help you in a personal conversation to find out which effects on your everyday life are likely. To do this, we offer a free consultation, which can take place by phone, video call, or even a face-to-face meeting at your home.

I'm asthmatic. Can Biow help me?

Yes, because with Biow in the bedroom, many asthma patients feel much better. This is due to the improved supply of oxygen to the respiratory tract. The easiest way is to try out Biow yourself and feel the effect.

Installation and Usage

Does Biow require complicated installation?

No, Biow does not require complicated installation. All you need to do is to find a suitable place for the device. After that, all you have to do is turn it on. Biow will do the rest all by itself.

Can the device also be mounted on the wall? Will I get help with that?

Of course. We will be happy to mount the device professionally, set it up and explain all the functions to you. Simply add our installation and set-up service to your shopping cart or inform us by phone or e-mail.

Can I work or even sleep in peace when Biow is in operation in the room?

Our ionization units are extremely quiet. The volume remains well below the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for healthy sleep. This limit is 30 decibels (comparable to whispering), Biow devices reach about 21 decibels in sleep mode, so they are still much quieter than the WHO guideline. This means that working next to a Biow in Auto mode is also possible without any problems. You can find more details in the product descriptions.


How do I get my Biow device?

For the delivery of the devices we commission the forwarding company Planzer. It is our reliable partner to ensure safe and punctual transport. In some cases, we also take care of the delivery ourselves. Especially if you book the installation and assembly service. This way, any open questions can also be clarified.

After the test, I would like to return Biow. What to do?

You just need to inform us that you do not want to keep the device. Then we will organize the collection by the forwarding company Planzer. We ask you to return the device in the original box.


How can I order Biow?

You have several possibilities to place an order.

1. Via our Online Shop

2. By phone at 041 743 14 14

3. By order form

4. By message to

5. By letter to our company address

Can I test Biow myself?

We offer you to test a device yourself for 60 days against a deposit. During this time, you can see the effect for yourself. If you are not satisfied, we will pick up the device again and you will get your security deposit back in full.

Test now for 60 days risk-free

Can I get advice?

Of course! Visit us in our showroom in Zug or visit Pro Senectute in Zug to be advised and see the products in action.


Can Biow also be rented?

Yes, we offer attractive rental options for 3 or 6 months. If you would like an individual period, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

What conditions do I have to consider when renting?

No separate rules apply. The important thing is that you return the product clean and in working order at the end of the rental period.

Should you decide to purchase it following the rental, the rental fee will be deducted from the purchase price.

During the rental period, a filter change is due. What do I need to do?

Before a rental unit is delivered, it is completely inspected and new filters are installed. If the unit still indicates a filter change during your rental period, you will not incur any additional charges.