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Biow air ionizer in monthly rental offer

Device variant
Regular priceCHF 169.00 per month
Tax included. Free shipping.
  • Restful sleep from the 1st night
  • More energy and higher performance
  • Certified medical device

  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way
  • Filter change included
  • 1st month free with discount code BIOW30
  • Subscription only starts when satisfied
  • Lightning delivery by courier
  • Full warranty over the entire service life
  • For questions:041 743 14 14

Does not produce ozone

Extreme quiet (approx. 21dB in night mode)

Very low power consumption

Can be mounted on the wall or on astand to be assembled

Display turns off at night

Display turns off at night

Luxurious design

Low maintenance

Fully automatic mode / can be operated by remote control

The Biow 60 is particularly suitable when the distance between the device and the user is no more than 1.50 meters. In the best case, the device is positioned to the side of the bed.

For positioning at the foot of the bed or more than 1.50 meters away, we recommend the Biow 100. It is also more powerful (see technical details below) and increases the ion concentration in the air even more than the Biow 60. For more than one person in the room we also recommend the larger device.

The rental conditions or general terms and conditions for tenants canhere be viewed.

Ionization of indoor air
How Biow works

The room and breathing air refined by Biow contains high concentrations of health-promoting ions and gently envelops the user. Especially at night, these ions can be absorbed by the body. Our diagram illustrates the layers of air that are particularly important for our sleep. In these zones, the density of ions is increased particularly strongly, so that our body can absorb them and regenerate optimally.

A good day begins with a restful night!

Our fully automatic ionizer refines the air in your bedroom and gives you a deep, restful sleep. The high-tech device runs 24/7, but uses very little electricity. In this way, the room is optimally prepared for your sleep during the day. When you enter the room in the evening, you can feel the fresh, healthy air. The increased ion intake during the sleep phase lets you sleep relaxed and wake up full of strength and mental fitness. A time is beginning for you characterized by more performance and resilience during the day, more health in the long term and a quality of sleep on a new level.

You can easily get the healthiest air in Switzerland with a monthly subscription. During the first month, the device can be tested free of charge and without risk. If you don't like it, we'll just pick it up again.

If after some time you do not want to do without the Biow Air Ionizer, we will be happy to make you a purchase offer, taking into account the rental payments already made. 

The unit can be placed on a flat surface (chest of drawers, cabinet, etc.) or mounted on the wall (wall brackets and screws included).

Ion concentration in the main area of influence: at least 70,000 ions / cm3, beyond that approx. 5,000 ions / cm3

For comparison: In an average Swiss household, there are hardly more than 200-500 ions in the air.

Electricity costs: < CHF 3 per month

Volume: 20.4 dB - 41.9 dB, depending on the mode (night mode approx. 22 dB)

Dimensions: 102 x 24 x 26 cm (L x W x D) Net weight: 21.5 kg

Power connection: Standard household socket (220V)

Filter change max. 1x per year

Does not generate significant amounts of ozone

Electricity costs: < CHF 3 per month

Anion content in the main area of influence: up to 30,000 oxygen ions / cm3, in addition approx. 3,000 anions / cm3

Volume: 20.1 dB - 37.8 dB depending on the mode (night mode approx. 21 dB)

Dimensions: 60 x 23 x 26 cm (L x W x D)

Net weight: 13.6 kg

Power connection: Standard household socket (220V)

Filter change max. 1x per year

Does not generate significant amounts of ozone

The optimal positioning

The ideal position of our ionizers is crucial for effectiveness. The air outlet should be aimed at the breathing zone of the user(s). The better the height and distance are maintained, the more noticeable the effects of the ionized air.

Biow 100

Transport the ions targeted over distances of about 2m.

Positioning at the foot of the bed or sideways possible.

Two ionization modules for higher ion concentrations in the room


Biow 60

Reliable ion transport up to approx. 1.50m.

Therefore lateral positioning preferred.

One ionization module in the device


Frequently asked questions about the subscription

The subscription gives you the opportunity to use Biow without paying the full purchase price. You only keep the device for as long as you want and only pay the monthly rent. This is how you benefit from the health benefits of our therapeutic air ionizer.

The subscription is very simple: you order the Biow device you want, we will deliver it to your front door and you can then enjoy the healthy, ionized air. Within the first 30 days, you decide whether you want to keep the device. If so, the monthly rent will be charged from the 2nd month.

During the first month, you can easily return the device if you don't like it. Only if you are convinced by Biow and want to keep it, the actual subscription starts. To use our Biow Ionizer for free for the first 30 days, simply use the discount code "BIOW30" in the checkout.

The subscription can be terminated by written notification (e-mail to or by letter). The notice period is 6 months. We will take care of picking up the Biow ionizer.

In principle this is possible. If you are interested, simply contact us and we will make you an offer.

We ensure that your Biow ionizer works perfectly throughout its entire useful life. If a part of the device no longer works, we will repair or replace the device.

We only ship new or reconditioned devices. The initial state of the functionality of all devices is always optimal

As soon as your Biow ionizing device indicates the filter change, we will send you a new filter if you wish. This can easily be replaced. The performance and functionality of Biow is not affected in the meantime.

Simply order online via the shopping cart and select "Invoice" as the payment method. If you would like to pay by credit card or Twint, you will first be charged a monthly fee. Afterwards, to compensate for this, the second month will not be billed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brigitte Huser

Seit mehr als 2 Jahren nutzen wir Biow und die Schlafqualität ist seither konstant hoch

Wirkt gut

Biow hilft mir beim Schlafen. Ich lag rfüher nachts oft wach aber diese zeiten sind vorbei. Mein mann schläft auch besser

Friedrich Herk
Gute Investition

Preislich eine Investition, aber für mich lohnt es sich.

Mareike B.-S.
Kaum zu glauben

Danke an das Team von Biow. Ich wurde gut beraten und freue mich jetzt sehr auf den Ionisator

Meine Frau

und ich sind begeistert. Man hört die maschine nicht und trotzdem spürt man einen grossen unterschied

Unique mode of action

In the „Wide Spectrum Nano10®“ technology is Biow's patented system that includes 10 processes of treatment, sterilization, nanofiltration, electrostimulation, thermal control and microcirculation of the breath air and is used in all our ionizers.

No side effects

„Wide Spectrum Nano 10 is a non-invasive system , which is compatible with any type of lifestyle or medical treatment. It causes no side effects and there are no known contraindications for use.

Scientifically proven

Wide Spectrum Nano 10 technology has been tested by the Health Research Institute of the Principality of Asturias (ISPA) and by the University of Navarra Clinic. In addition, the effectiveness of the device was tested in clinical studiesn scientifically proven . Our technicians will be happy to provide you or your family doctor with the relevant documents.

View certificates and studies

We are happy to help

Write to us or call us at041 743 14 14.

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