sleep badly again

Forget about sleep problems. Our ionizer provides a deep, restful and natural sleep

What Biow users report

Measurable impact on Biow users

Deep sleep

89.20% of users were able to improve their sleep significantly.

Less snoring

79.73% of Biow users were able to significantly reduce their snoring significantly.

More energy and fitness

83.48% notice a noticeable positive change in their energy levels.

Improved breathing

86.85% feel a significant improvement in breathing.

Reduced allergy symptoms

90.00% reported noticeably reduced allergy symptoms.

Less headaches

84.46% noted a significantreduction in headaches.

Results of a survey of 255 Biow users between October and December 2019, conducted by Biow in Spain

Luft Ionisator Biow
Luft Ionisator Biow Abmessungen
Luft Ionisator Abmessung Biow 100
Was ist ein Luftionisator?
Detailansichten Biow Ionisator
Luft Ionisator Biow Anzeige
Anbringungsbeispiel im Kinderzimmer - Biow 100 - Ionisator für bis zu 70.000 Sauerstoff-Ionen / cm3 | Die beste Raumluftqualität der Schweiz
Anionenkonzentration im Raum und Schlafzimmer mit dem Ionisator Biow 100
Luft Ionisator Biow Ionenkonzentration 60
Fernbedienung für Biow Ionisierer
Vergleich unserer therapeutischen Ionisierer | Die beste Raumluftqualität der Schweiz
Vergleich unserer Ionisierungsgeräte | Die beste Raumluftqualität der Schweiz

Biow Air Ionizer

Technical details of the ionizer Biow 100:

  • Ion concentration in the main area of influence (up to 2m in front of the device): up to 70,000 ions / cm3, beyond that approx. 5,000 ions / cm3
  • For comparison: In an average Swiss household, there are hardly more than 200-500 ions in the air.
  • Electricity costs: < CHF 3 per month
  • Volume: 20.4 dB - 41.9 dB, depending on the mode (night mode approx. 22 dB)
  • Dimensions: 102 x 24 x 26 cm (L x W x D)
  • Net weight: 21.5 kg
  • Power connection: Standard household socket (220V)
  • Filter change max. 1x per year
  • Does not generate significant amounts of ozone

Packaging details including device:

  • Dimensions: 111 x 40 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 24.2kg
  • incl. set for wall mounting

For the initial setup, we provide oneConstruction and installation service at.

Of the ionizer Biow 100 is particularly suitable for large rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens. It enriches the room with negatively charged ions without generating harmful amounts of ozone (confirmed by the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland). This refinement of the air promotes many positive effects on health. Of theionizerworks extremely quietly and energy-saving. Mounted on the wall, it also serves as a decorative element on which objects such as books, flower vases or bowls look good. If you don't want to mount the Biow, you can use themobile stand fall back on, which allows flexibility and offers the right amount of use.

In companies, the larger of the two Biow siblings is used for office space, meeting rooms, reception areas and lounges. The Biow 100 also ensures a high level of protection for customers and employees in restaurants and supermarkets.

The Biow 60 is particularly suitable when the distance between the device and the user is no more than 1.50 meters. In the best case, the device is positioned to the side of the bed.

For positioning at the foot of the bed or more than 1.50 meters away, we recommend the Biow 100. It is also more powerful (see technical details below) and increases the ion concentration in the air even more than the Biow 60. For more than one person in the room we also recommend the larger device.

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This is how Biow works

This is how Biow works

Our ionizers make oxygen ions available indoors, which provide the best natural-style indoor air in your home.

The multiple effects on your health have been scientifically proven. They range from a deeper, more restful sleep to a higher performance to a reduction of diseases and their symptoms as well as a noticeable improvement in breathing.

In an average Swiss household, there are hardly more than 500 ions/cm3. With our ionizer it is up to 70,000 ions/cm3.

What our customers say


"Restful sleep is an important pillar for health and well-being. Biow can significantly improve regeneration during sleep. It pays to design sleeping and living spaces that are as conducive to health as possible."

Heidi Hauer, Health & Life Coach aus Zürich
Heidi Hauer
Health & Life Coach, Zurich

"With Biow I sleep better and wake up refreshed. The air in my bedroom is pleasantly clean all night. I feel safe from harmful viruses and bacteria."

Wendy Mazenauer möchte Ihr Ionisierungsgerät nicht mehr hergeben
Wendy Mazenauer
Cham ZG

"Thanks to the improved regeneration with Biow, I feel an increased performance"

Samuel Sanchez nutzt Biow zur Leistungssteigerung und Regeneration
Samuel Sanchez
Professional cyclist, Olympic champion 2008 in Beijing

"We work with Biow because we are convinced by the way it works."

Martin Kolb, Geschäftsleitung Pro Senectute Zug
Martin Kolb
Management Pro Senectute Zug

«Thanks to the Biow ionizer, I'm still able to concentrate on writing in the afternoon.
I feel a lot fitter.»

Benedikt Lachenmeier, Inhaber Textair, Basel
Benedikt Lachenmeier
Owner Textair, Basel

Sleep like a pro

Biow is used by the most successful teams and individual athletes to optimize sleep quality.

Ionisator | Real Madrid Spieler nutzen Biow zur Steigerung der Regeneration und Ausdauer. Langfristige Leistungssteigerung im Leistungssport

Real Madrid C.F.

Ionisator | Radsport Profis vom Team Movistart nutzen Biow zur Optimierung der Schlafqualität

Cycling: Team Movistar

Spain national football team

With and without Biow ionizer

Without Biow, harmful nanoparticles, among others, are inhaled with every breath (black dots in the first image). Since they are too small for the natural filtration of the lungs, they reach the organs via the bloodstream, where they can be deposited. The consequences range from complaints of the respiratory tract to an increase in illnesses and even sleep disturbances. In the worst case, this can lead to blockages of blood vessels or organ failure.

The air ionized by Biow provides healthy breathing and deep sleep. This favors an increase in physical and mental performance and many health effects. Why ionization is so important for our health, we explain in detail. Blog.

Biow makes your home the healthiest place in Switzerland. Healthy air increases physical & mental fitness, reduces oxidative stress and promotes cell regeneration. The result: less illness, increased performance and a better quality of life.

What's the difference?

Air ionizer instead of air purifier

An air purifier usually only influences the number of particles in the air. If these are drastically reduced, the changes indoor air quality perceptible. The effect of the air purification device on the user is therefore passive.

The Biow air ionizer, on the other hand, first thoroughly cleans the air in order to then efficiently enrich it with health-promoting ions. In addition to the passive effects of cleaned air, the high concentration of ions in the air we breathe promotes active health. This 2-in-1 effect is unique.

Get advice now

Pro Senectute recommends

Biow therapeutic ionizers are now available at your Pro Senectute advice center in Zug. The competent staff of Pro Senectute will explain the device in detail and answer all your questions.

Pro Senectute Canton Zug, Aegeristrasse 52, 6300 Zug

Ionisator | Logo Pro Senectute. Unser therapeutischer Ionisator ist ab sofort in der Pro Senectute Stelle in Zug erhältlich

At a glance

Our ionizer comparison

Our comparison shows the differences between the ionizers. The Biow 60 is smaller and lighter, making it easier to fit into a room. The Biow 100 is more powerful and creates a larger area of influence of the anions in the room.

Your contact to us

Feel free to contact us using the contact form below or email us at

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Higher performance

Real Madrid Partner

Real Madrid C.F. is the most successful football club in the world and uses our technology to improve the regeneration and enhance the performance of its players.

Questions about the Biow ionizer

A biow ionizer is an electrical, fully automated device that produces negatively charged electrons. These electrons are also called ions. Biow's high-tech device can easily run 24 hours a day. It uses very little electricity (< CHF 3 per month). The ions serve to reduce certain particles in the air, such as dust and pollen, and to improve the air in the long term. The room air is refined in this way with the help of the ions. This ensures better air quality and a noticeably greater sense of well-being.

An ionizer not only cleans the air, but also enriches it with health-promoting ions. In addition to the passive effect of a conventional air purifier, an ionizer ensures that the air you breathe actively improves your health.

The application itself is very simple, as Biow's high-tech device only needs to be placed once and can then remain on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All the work is done by our device throughout the day whether you are at home or not. By the time you go to bed, your air is already refined. You feel this both when you sleep and when you wake up.

You can rent our ionizer from biow easily and conveniently. We have two device variants that you can choose from: Biow 60 and Biow 100. Depending on which device variant you choose, this also variesrental subscription.

The rental subscription for the Biow 60 is CHF 169.00 per month.
The rental subscription for the Biow 100 is CHF 199.00 per month.

You are welcome to contact our customer service without obligation and we will discuss with you in detail which device is best suited for you.

Basically, an ionizer is suitable in every household and for all age groups. An ionizer is recommended, for examplewith sleep problems oragainst sleep apnea. But allergy sufferers or competitive athletes also use our ionizer. The health-promoting concentration of ions promotes oxygenation in the blood, which allows the individual organs in the body to optimally fulfill their function. This ensures improved well-being and peaceful sleep.

An ionizer can be provenfix sleep problems. During the sleep phase, the ions ensure that your oxygen uptake improves significantly. Our Biow Ionizer specializes in providing the layers of air that are critical to your healthy sleep with a particularly powerful ion density. This allows the body to absorb them optimally.

The Biow ionizer helps:
- to sleep better
- to snore less
- have more energy
- have fewer headaches
- improve breathing
- Reduce allergy symptoms

- againsleep through to be able to

Ionizers are basically not dangerous. Above all, it is important to use new, modern and tested equipment. We attach great importance to the maintenance and servicing of our high-tech Biow devices. This is exactly why we are always available to answer any questions you may have during your rental subscription. You are welcome to contact us via ourContact just contact us online or by phone.