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Biow ionizers for companies

The quality of the workplace and the protection of employees play an increasingly important role for companies. Biow helps you to increase the satisfaction of your employees and as a company to increase work performance at the same time.

Advantages for companies

Höhere Konzentration

Higher concentration

Biow ensures high quality indoor air in the office. Thanks to an increased ion concentration, the human organism can supply its organs more efficiently. This results in, among other things, a noticeably increased ability to concentrate longer and more intensively.

Increased performance

An increased ability to concentrate and a pleasant working atmosphere is a basic requirement for long-lasting motivation and high performance. The effect occurs for many users automatically after sustained and continuous use of Biow.

Protection from disease transmission

Biow removes airborne viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. This reduces the likelihood that one employee will infect others in the offices. The reduction in absenteeism due to illness has an effective impact on your bottom line.

Sustainable increase

Odours, nitrogen oxides and other causes of bad air can be efficiently filtered by Biow. And good air quality is directly related to satisfaction and work performance, driver productivity and efficiency.

Krankheit im Büro
CHF 600 - 1'000 per day
This is how much a sick day costs a Swiss company on average.
Protect your employees from viral diseases and allergens in the office air. It motivates your employees and reduces your absenteeism expenses.

By reducing sick days alone, Biow quickly pays for itself.
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What our customers say


Biow convinces us demonstrably with better air quality and ideal indoor climate. The device is quiet, discreet and in a modern design.

Jörg Lutz, Seestatt Corporate Finance AG, Altendorf SZ
Jörg Lutz, Seestatt Corporate Finance AG
Altendorf SZ

"Biow's equipment has been very convincing and got us through the COVID crisis very well. My employees feel safe and work with more
energy. Even in the pollen season, the devices show a good effect."

Peter Hofstetter, CEO Qualipro AG
Peter Hofstetter, CEO Qualipro AG
Kriens LU

That we care about our customers is made clear by the Biow devices in our meeting rooms. This is very much appreciated by our partners in this day and age.

Urs Thum, Ruoss Logistik AG
Altendorf, SZ

Performance-enhancing air in offices and meeting rooms

Show employees and customers that their protection and health is a priority

Ideal for multi-person offices and meeting rooms | Higher protection against sick leave

More satisfied employees thanks to good air quality


Effective meetings at last

The power of the devices can be adjusted by the hour via app (for example, high power during working hours, low power at night).

The power consumption is very low. Per device costs of < CHF 3 per month.

Easy operation: set up, switch on, done!



If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We can also be reached by phone at +41 (0)41 743 14 14 anytime.

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