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Fresh air like in the mountains

Biow ionizers for your home

Discover the benefits of healthy air and transform your home into a healthy environment with the patented 2-in-1 system consisting of comprehensive air purification and ionization.


Health-promoting air in living spaces

A total of 10 filter steps make the globally patented Wide Spectrum Nano technology (WSN10) so unique. Biow is the only device on the market that combines five particularly important filters and then ionizes the air. This results in many health benefits. The respiratory tract in particular benefits enormously from the effects.

HEPA-13 Filter

HEPA-13 filter

Filters allergens, dust, microbes, fine dust, bacteria & viruses

, among others.
Doppelter UV-Filter

Double UV filter

Eliminates biological pests such as germs, viruses & bacteria


Activated carbon filter

Absorbs odors, nitrogen oxides and other organic compounds and gases

Doppelte Plasma-Ionisierung

Double plasma ionization

Provides filtration of nanoparticles such as fine dust and increases oxygen uptake

Thermische Sterilisation

Thermal sterilization

Final elimination of remaining pests

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For more health in everyday life

Protect your family

Biow transforms your home into a place full of healthy air, free from allergens, viruses and other pathogens. After all, our own home is the place where we should feel most comfortable, where we can literally breathe through. Such healthy interiors we call BiowSpace.

Deeper and more restful sleep

Breathing healthy, ionized air during the recovery phase so important for our bodies is elementary for our wellbeing and lets us deeply sleep. Only when we sleep well are we able to perform at our best during the day.

Professional and sporting excellence

High performance, long-lasting concentration and resilience: Breathing healthy air has many benefits, which are particularly evident when we are performing at our mental or physical best. It also strengthens our ability to regenerate

Health Promoting

A central component in the unique filter process of Biow is ionization. It fulfils two important tasks:
1. it enables the filtering of ultra-fine particles that our body alone could not keep out of the organism
2. it enables an increased absorption of oxygen



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