How does Biow work?

Biow creates indoor air quality that can otherwise only be found in the healthiest places in the world. But how does it work?

How do Biow ionizers work?

Understanding Air Quality

To understand how Biow air ionizers (or ionizers) work, you need to understand the basics of healthy air (air quality) criteria.

Basics of air quality

What particles are in the air?

Whether indoors or outdoors, there are a great many small particles floating around in the air. These are bacteria, dust, exhaust fumes, pollen, odor particles, fibers, nanoparticles, viruses and so on. These particles often have a positive electrical charge and are harmful to our bodies. Since we breathe them in with every breath, our body is constantly busy removing these pests from our bloodstream and organs. This is done with the help of anions.

What are ions?

Ion formation

Ions are atoms or molecules that are electrically charged. If they are positively charged, they are called cations. If they are negatively charged, they are called anions.

Basically, it can be argued that positively charged ions - that is, cations - have a negative effect on the human organism. Anions are figuratively the counterparts of cations and rid us of the harmful influences of cations by seeking them out and joining with them. Anions therefore have a health-promoting effect. However, the majority of harmful elements in our urban breath are cations, as described above.

What is oxidative stress?

If there are too many cations in the organism, an imbalance occurs. The helpful anions are so outnumbered that the cations can attack and damage cells. This condition is called oxidative stress.

What is cell regeneration?

Cell regeneration is the repair or replacement of cells damaged or dead by oxidative stress.

Air quality: buildings vs. nature

The air quality of the world's healthiest places - which include waterfalls, high mountains and seashores - has two key characteristics: First, the air in these places is particularly pure, that is, free of harmful particles. And second, it has high concentrations of negatively charged ions.

In indoor air, almost the complete opposite can be observed: The air is teeming with harmful particles and the anion concentration approaches zero. By the way, the situation is hardly any different with outside air. Here, too, the particle concentrations are high and the anion count low. Hard to believe, but True: Biow manages to reverse this condition and restore the natural state. But how does the device manage to do it?

How do Biow ionizers function exactly?

Based on this information, it is now possible to understand how Biow air ionizers work exactly and what their effects are. 

The still untreated room air passes through the patented and uniqueBiow filter process. Ten different filtration techniques eliminate airborne pests, including viruses, bacteria, gases and many other particles. A particularly important part of this filtration process is ionization. It removes non-filterable particles (such as nanoparticles, which are so small that no woven fabric filter can hold them) from the indoor air. In the process, the generated ions combine with the particles in the air, pulling them to the ground.

The result: gradually the pests are eliminated from the air, the air becomes clean.

After that, ionization begins to realize its full health-promoting potential. Once the room is cleared of particles floating through the air, the ions generated by the device no longer collide with them. Thus they are carried far into the room. Thus, large quantities of negatively charged ions are now permanently released into the room and the ion concentration is permanently increased. Since the ions have only a limited lifetime (often only a few minutes), the permanent operation of Biow is an important prerequisite for the effectiveness of the ionizing units. Thereby by the way only electricity worth less than CHF 1.- per month is consumed.

The result is now healthy air modeled on nature's healthiest places.

The Effects of Ionized Air

Imagine taking in significantly more oxygen without breathing more or breathing differently. Simply because the indoor air you breathe is so healthy. Likewise, imagine that you are also taking in extremely few pollutants through the air. What a boon to your body that would be...

Hold on, though: this doesn't have to be a dream. That's exactly what happens when Biow transforms your indoor air into healthy breathing air.

Now what does that mean in concrete terms?

The effects of increased oxygen uptake and a simultaneous reduction in pollutants in the body are many. Less illness, higher fitness and performance, higher cell regeneration, reduced oxidative stress, faster recovery, deeper sleep, better mood and overall a significantly better well-being are just some of the effects of these two factors.

This is why Biow is helpful for top athletes as well as for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, for example. This sounds paradoxical, but it shows how diverse the effects of an increased oxygen intake and a reduction of ingested pollutants can be.

Sport & Performance

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Less disease, reduced oxidative stress, stronger immune system, higher cell regeneration and much more can be observed when using Biow.

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