10 good reasons for Biow

1. Scientific Development

    Research Group CROS

    Biow was developed in collaboration with the "Phoenix" research project, a collaboration between two teams of researchers from the Universities of Oviedo and Navarra (both in Spain) led by Prof. Dr. Enrique Caso Pelaez, who has since also headed the biomedical department at Biow.

    Currently, the CROS (Cellular Response to Oxidative Stress) research group, led by Dr. Ana Coto Montes, is working with Biow to research and develop how to reduce oxidative stress and organic inflammation even more efficiently, and exactly how Biow can further increase mitochondrial energy production.

    2. Independently tested and certified

      Also in the course of further development and further research of our technology, Biow has always been tested and certified by renowned and independent institutes. The SGS, which is one of the leading quality institutes globally, the ALCE Calidad institute, as well as the TÜV Süd certified Biow early on. Recently, moreover, the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland examined our device with regard to ozone generation, and the Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN) categorizes Biow as an air ionizer with therapeutic efficacy - the only device worldwide.

      Unabhängige Institute zertifizieren Biow nach wissenschaftlichen Kriterien

      3. Holistic Mode of Action


        Biow takes influence on the human exposome. Exposome is the term used to describe the totality of all external factors influencing our organism. This includes, in particular, the air we breathe. The certified effectiveness of our air ionization offers benefits for the entire organism, from internal organs to the immune system and brain performance.

        4. Active health care

          It is through the air we breathe that Biow achieves its amazing effects. The indoor air enriched with negatively charged oxygen ions is the basis for the health benefits. Thus, the body is supplied with significantly more oxygen with every breath. The benefits are manifold and range from generally better health and less illness to an increased level of cell regeneration processes in the body, increased performance and a reduction in oxidative stress.

          5. Individual effects

            In addition to its overall mode of action and general health effects, many individual effects also occur on the basis of the increased oxygen intake, depending on the condition of the user. For example, people with respiratory diseases will feel a significant improvement in breathing and endurance, and athletes will feel improved results and increased performance.

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            6. Biological protection and strengthening of the immune system

              As a basis for the health benefits of negatively charged oxygen ions, it is important that the indoor air is particularly pure. Biow accomplishes this with the help of our patented WSN10 technology, in which a total of ten filter steps ensure comprehensive removal of harmful particles in the room air. In addition to the active health care provided by the oxygen anions, the biological protection provided by the filtering of the air is also an important component of its effectiveness. This is because the reduced particle supply is another reason why the body has to use fewer resources to fight off pathogens and remove deposits of nanoparticles and other pests from the organism again. Both effects - fewer harmful particles in the air we breathe and increased oxygen uptake - enhance the effect of the other.

              7. Increased cell regeneration and vitality

                Every day, the human body replaces dead and irreparably damaged cells with new, healthy and efficient cells. This process is called physiological cell regeneration. At night, this process is particularly fast and effective: up to 10 times faster than during the day. Biow supports this process even further by providing biological protection (point 6) and a better oxygen supply (point 4). Especially with advancing age, the ability to replace all damaged and irreparable cells with new cells is reduced (aging process). Biow supports the body's ability to regenerate cells and thus provides more vitality.

                8. Comfortable: quiet and user-friendly

                  Using Biow air ionizers is child's play. Set it up, turn it on and breathe easy - that's all it takes. Biow has a intelligent automatic mode and always adjusts its power to the current condition of the air quality. In the dark, it switches to night mode, a particularly quiet and efficient mode. At no more than about 21 decibels, this mode stays well below the volume limit for healthy sleep published by the World Health Organization (WHO) (30dB, comparable to whispering). Those who like to try out different modes, including a white-noise mode, simply select their favorite mode via the slim remote control. More tech-savvy users also get their money's worth: those who want to can program their own power levels via the Biow app and track room air quality in real time. This way, everyone can find their personal best setting to enjoy the healthy air to the fullest.

                  9. Power-saving, sustainable and high-quality

                    Our ionization unit works and runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this way, they develop their full efficiency. At the same time, the power consumption is less than CHF 1.- per month. High-quality efficiency. The materials are completely recyclable, all individual parts in case of damage or breakage also replaceable. Biow ionizers are designed for decades of use without interruption. Together with the use of high-quality materials and manufacturing in Europe, this ensures a sustainable user experience.

                    10. Top athletes and world-class clubs rely on Biow

                      What do Swiss professional cyclist Fabian Cancellara, 2008 Olympic road race champion - Samuel Sanchez, the Spanish national football team, 2021 UEFA Europa League winner Villarreal C.F. and the most successful football club of all time - Real Madrid - have in common? They all rely on Biow to sleep deeper, regenerate better and boost their performance. And you?

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                      Biow air ionizer in monthly rental offer


                      • No risk: Easy return if no effect is achieved
                      • Healthy sleep for only around CHF 5 per night
                      • Everything included: we take care of exchange filters, repairs, etc.

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                      Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

                      Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

                      Disorders of sleeping through the night should not be treated directly with medication right from the start. It makes sense to first approach the cause of the problem. If you know a diagnosis or know what the problems with sleeping through are due to, you should first try to treat the problem with alternative medicine. Here, for example, we are talking about herbal medicines such as valerian, melissa, St. John's wort or lavender. Another alternative is a ionizer to name for the bedroom. This cleans and improves the air sustainably and ensures that the body can rest better. Both options are non-toxic and should be considered before prescribing sleeping pills.

                      The frequency and above all the duration plays a role in a sleeping disorder. Not everyone who wakes up more often during the night has a problem sleeping through the night. This only comes into effect if you wake up regularly during the night and lie awake for several hours or cannot fall asleep. However, if you feel that you are not getting enough sleep at night, you should consult your family doctor. In a sleep laboratory, your sleep behavior can be measured and assessed. Here it is important not to panic immediately, because even if you receive this diagnosis, you can proactively treat your difficulty sleeping through the night.

                      Insomnia can make you ill in the long run. On the one hand, a constant disturbance of sleeping through the night impairs cognitive abilities and mood. Accordingly, people with constantly interrupted sleep tend to be in a bad mood or even depressive behavior. In addition, if you regularly have trouble sleeping through the night, the risk of a rapid pulse, high blood pressure, sweating or even a heart attack increases.