Biow Luftreiniger in Restaurants, Hotels und Fitness Studios

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Where Biow is already being used successfully

Our ionizers for companies and businesses are already used successfully in many ways. Whether yoga studio, restaurant, private clinic or fast food outlet, Biow is the mobile ionizer that can be integrated into any facility. You too can benefit from effective customer protection.

Biow in the retail trade

Shops create a strong personal connection with their customers, especially through the advice given by the staff and the atmosphere in the shop. To ensure that both customers and employees feel comfortable and safe, you will receive the Certification "Healthy Zone" free of charge when you purchase Biow. This can be attached to the outside of the shop as a sticker or poster, for example. This way, your customers will always know that your store is safe from viruses and other pests.

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Biow Luftreiniger in Arztpraxis
Biow Luftreiniger in Arztpraxen
Biow for medical practices

Doctors' surgeries have seen a decline in patient numbers since the outbreak of the pandemic. This is because there is a great fear of becoming infected where other patients "bring in" diseases.
Here Biow ensures virus-free rooms and is particularly suitable for waiting rooms and treatment rooms. The certification "Healthy Zone" or "Healthy Practice" ensures a safe feeling for patients.

Air ionizers for fitness studios and yoga studios

In yoga studios and gyms there are often many people in a confined space with moderate ventilation or fresh air supply. In addition, there is the high respiratory air output during sports. It is therefore all the more important to give customers a feeling of safety and to provide permanently ionised air. The enrichment of the room air with ions leads to an increase in the oxygen intake of athletes, which in turn can lead to increased physical performance. Studio and clientele benefit twice.

Biow Luftreiniger in Yoga Studion
Luftreiniger in Konferenzraum
Air purifier and ionizer for hotels

The international tourism industry is one of the most affected sectors of the pandemic.
Despite this, personal exchange is still extremely valued at conferences. Therefore, conference rooms and meeting rooms will continue to exist in the future. It is therefore all the more important to equip these rooms in such a way that, on the one hand, they provide guests with healthy indoor air free of viruses and other pests. On the other hand, with the "Healthy Zone" certification from Biow, the framework conditions for a hygiene concept can already be met in advance.

Ionizer for restaurants

Often suspected as the source of many infections, restaurants and bars were hit hard by restrictions. The implementation of hygiene concepts and safety measures against virus transmissions are therefore particularly important in the guest rooms. Biow provides a feeling of freshness and the knowledge of being in a healthy environment. An important criterion for many restaurant visitors.

Biow in Fast-Food-Filialen


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