The secret tip for more radiance and beauty

A healthy environment promotes many benefits in terms of individual radiance and objective beauty. More specifically on the quality of skin & hair and the stress level, which affects the energy balance. Because one's own radiance is not genetically predetermined. On the contrary, it can be influenced by the circumstances in everyday life.

The Biow Effects

A healthy sleep based on calm breathing in healthy air is the ideal basis for long-lasting beauty and radiance. Through the constant exchange with Biow users, we can specify some possible effects.
Biow is the insider tip for more radiance and beauty without the use of chemical substances.


Biow helps you breathe better through your nose while you sleep and prevents the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

Effekt auf das Energielevels


Better rest makes for more energy, vitality and better mood.


Deep rest reduces appetite and promotes metabolic function. Also, weight loss and metabolism can be positively influenced.


Many users note positive effects on the skin: it becomes noticeably softer and smoother.



Reduces the "jowl effect" by improving nasal breathing, activating the middle third of the face.

Effekt auf Haare


Stronger and shinier hair: Again, your sleep phase in a purified ambient air is responsible for positive effects.

All information on this page is, among other things, results from surveys of Biow users. These and other studies on the effects of Biow can be found on our Certificates and Studies page.

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