Schulzimmer mit Biow

Health protection & ionized air to promote performance

Biow ionizers for classrooms

Our air purifiers offer a smart and efficient way to provide rooms in educational facilities, such as nurseries, schools and universities, with increased protection against germs, bacteria and viruses.

In schools and kindergartens
Healthy air for children

Our noiseless nanoparticle filters help to better protect teachers and students. On top of that, pleasant room air ensures better concentration and performance.

Benefits of Biow in classrooms

Students and teachers are better protected from all types of viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, nanoparticles and airborne diseases that can cause contamination.

Effiziente Filterung

Efficient filtering

Removes harmful particles such as viruses and bacteria from indoor air


Low noise

Biow is extremely quiet and does not disturb the lesson. The noise level is between a good 20 dB and 31 dB. Quieter is no comparable air purifier


Economical & Efficient

Our nanoparticle filters consume very little power. In car mode, the cost is usually less than CHF 1 per month.

No air slingshot
Increased protection against diseases

Biow does not emit aerosols and, thanks to its continuous laminar flow system, is able to release no aerosols and other harmful molecules back into the outgoing air. In addition, with its patented thermal stratification system, Biow efficiently treats the air in the most intensely used areas of the room, providing better protection for our children.

Incl. UVC and ionization
Most thorough cleaning

Biow combines several innovative systems to render viruses and bacteria harmless. These include treatment with type C UV light inside the device, which has been scientifically proven to be effective in destroying the SARS CoV 2 virus.

Thanks to patented technology
Feel good in the classroom

The device is equipped with a programmable heat treatment system (PROTECT MODE) that effectively destroys all types of viruses and bacteria. In this mode, the air emitted by the device is warm, which additionally contributes to the well-being, intelligently warms the room and at the same time contributes to efficient disinfection.

Gesunde Zone Schulflur

Individual advice

Our technicians will visit you upon request to determine how Biow can best be used in your space and to inform you of its many benefits and advantages.

Contact us

Our air purifiers are eligible for many subsidy programs. Talk to us about it.

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