regeneration im Schlaf

Sleep through at last

Regeneration during sleep

Biow helps you sleep well. Breathing in ionized environment increases oxygen supply to tissues and organs. Biow finally lets you sleep through and promotes cell regeneration.

The Biow effects

We surveyed 255 Biow users between Oct and Dec 2019 to find out what effects they've been feeling since they started using Biow. The results are sensational.

Tiefer, erholsamer Schlaf

Deep, restful sleep

Night waking, insomnia and restlessness are a thing of the past. About 90%* of Biow users confirm that they sleep through the night and that their sleep is deeper and more regenerative since they started using Biow.

Erholter Aufwachen

Wake up more refreshed

Your body can focus on (cell) regeneration in a purified environment during sleep. Already in the first days of using a Biow, a noticeably improved recovery is noticeable after waking up.

Weniger Schnarchen

Less snoring

About 80%* of Biow users report significantly reduced snoring. This can be attributed to improved airflow in the throat and nasal cavity. Biow helps to keep these sensitive areas clear, allowing for healthier breathing.

Reduzierte Allergiesymptome

Reduced allergy symptoms

Users with allergies triggered by pollen, dust and animal hair can finally enjoy restful sleep again. 89%* of all users with allergies report noticeably improved sleep.

The secret of healthy air

The secret of a healthy environment is the number of oxygen anions (negatively charged ions) we breathe. The higher the concentration, the stronger the potential health effect. Our Biow 100 produces up to 50,000 ions/cm3. This is comparable to places of the highest natural anion concentration, e.g. the immediate surroundings of waterfalls or mountain forests after heavy rain. Places, in other words, that give us strength and in which we feel comfortable in a natural way.

Vorteile BiowSpace
biow space

After only a short time, positive changes can be noticed from the ionized air on various areas of your body. Among the first effects on Biow users is deep, restful sleep and subsequently waking up feeling noticeably better. Often users also have a noticeably better mood and feel more balanced. As the use of Biow progresses, users often experience higher resilience and increased concentration and performance at work and in sports. All these positive changes increase the quality of life. That is why we say: "Biow is Life"


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Sleep deeper and increase performance

During rest periods, the body tissues regenerate as growth hormones are released, which are necessary for cell repair. The resulting deep sleep has several positive effects on your organism.

Improves memory and concentration | Strengthens the immune system

Regulates blood pressure | Fewer nighttime awakenings

Reduces cellular inflammation | Reduces oxidative stress.strong>Reduces oxidative stress

Improves mood and energy levels|Regulates stress, metabolism and promotes weight control


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