The secret machine of Luis Enrique's Spain

This article comes from the Spanish daily "OK" and has been machine translated. By Javier Iglesias on 29/06/2021 22:39, updated: 29/06/2021 23:19

Spain's selection uses cellular regeneration device

The secret machine of the Spanish national team

  • The players of the national team use the cellular regeneration devices installed by the company 'Biow' in their rooms in the Ciudad del Fútbol in Las Rozas.
  • Spain's barbaric achievement: they have run 18 kilometres more than Croatia.

One of the secrets of the Spanish national team's good performance at this European Championship lies in the recovery of the players. Luis Enrique's players are in excellent physical condition, which gives them an extra edge in matches. The proof of this was their superior stamina against a Croatian team that ended up running 18 kilometers less than Spain. While the Croats covered 128.6 kilometers, the Spaniards covered 146.2.

Graphic with Spanish description of Biow's effects

In addition to the excellent work of the national team's coaches, led by Rafa Pol, the players benefit from a CRU (Cellular Regeneration Unit) installed in each player's room during the training camp at the Ciudad del Fútbol.

CRUs are units designed to support the body's own cellular regeneration, working 24 hours a day to create regeneration rooms. These spaces, which are free of harmful nanoparticles (viruses, bacteria, formaldehyde, etc.), promote cellular activity by enhancing mitochondrial efficiency, protein synthesis, and antioxidant activity.

These units [....] have also been placed in the main rooms of the hotel in Las Rozas, where some players even have their own beds, with the aim of increasing energy production and improving night's rest by regenerating the immediate environment. The device is absolutely silent and consumes hardly any electricity, which favors continuous work day and night.

The association's medical departments are working with Spanish biotechnology company Biow to increase performance and improve regeneration of players. The company, based in Asturias and Madrid and present in several countries [including Switzerland, Germany and Austria], achieves surprising results that have been clinically proven in several top athletes.

Many benefits

The benefits demonstrated after a few days of CRU use are muscle recovery (acceleration of tissue repair and recovery from fatigue), concentration (reduction in genotoxicity), reduction in inflammation and pain, and increased oxygenation and cell regeneration. Add to that its influence on improving lung performance, physical and mental performance, and even the emotional state of football players.

CRU Biow in background cheering Spain national team

Following the victory over Croatia, the national team has traveled to St. Petersburg, where they will face Switzerland on Friday, who also had to knock out France in extra time. Spain's players won't get the benefit of the CRU in Russia, but they can do so again before the semifinals in England if they beat the Swiss in the quarterfinals.

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