Interview on the subject of top-class sports, with Pedro Llana, developer of Biow

1. For a top athlete, it is essential to take care of his physical health. What benefits can Biow offer?

We can identify short, medium and long term benefits. In the short term, you will feel a improvement in rest and breathing: you will sleep more and much better, you will increase your muscular and mental performance, you will improve your lung capacity and if you have any respiratory problems such as asthma, allergies, rhinitis, etc., you will simply no longer suffer from them. In the medium term, Biow will give you a general improvement in your circulatory system. This significantly reduces the risk of injury and recovery times after overexertion or periods of injury are reduced. It improves mitochondrial performance, thus increasing resilience without counter-effort. In the long term, Biow affects the epigenome and reduces the risk of disease, such as certain cancers, strokes, brain infarcts, or degenerative diseases. Biow will ALWAYS take care of our athletes - for life.

2. How can Biow help improve an athlete's respiratory function?

First of all, we have to take into account that athletes are much more exposed to the problems resulting from pollution than the rest of humanity, as they inhale more than 15,000 liters of air per day. In many cases, this occurs in large cities or urban centers where the air is highly polluted. In addition, air pollution inside the house is up to 5 times worse than outside. Our treatment de-pollutes you while you sleep, providing restful sleep and daily and deep cellular oxygenation and detoxification. This keeps your immune and respiratory systems in top shape each morning to face the most demanding challenges. Every day, your respiratory capacity will be at 100%. And more importantly, the prefrontal area of the brain will be better oxygenated, which coordinates decision making and muscle coordination. This results in an optimal athlete, with the ideal conditions for focus, concentration and muscular precision, i.e. 100% efficient.

3. Experts say that cardiorespiratory health is critical for optimal performance. How can Biow contribute in this area?

For the athlete, this is the key to success. Better oxygenation, better pumping and better blood distribution. As a result, athletes perform better and suffer fewer injuries. Biow achieves this by preventing nanoparticles, gases, formaldehydes and myriad other toxins from entering the blood (without Biow, they occupy the position of the oxygen molecule in hemoglobin and enter the body). For example, nanoparticles, no larger than a few billionths of a meter, are not filtered by the lungs and enter the blood directly. This can lead to blockages, strokes, micro-infarctions, etc. With Biow, you will experience a deep cleansing process of your organism every night. Therefore, your cardiorespiratory health will reach its maximum potential every day, free from the pollutants accumulated in the previous days.

4. What materials does Biow use and what are the benefits of these materials for the health of an athlete?

Basically, Biow is made of high quality and durable materials such as steel, silicon and aluminum to ensure durable operation for more than 30 years at a time, 24 hours a day. Biow will accompany an athlete as if it were a second heart. Thus, Biow transforms the home into a place where the user can regenerate optimally.

Few people are aware of the enormous sacrifice that top athletes make. Their daily lives are very, very hard. Constant effort, constant sacrifice, constant pain, and in many cases, a post-pro career life plagued by injuries and side effects. Especially cardiorespiratory and with regards to joints. Biow works biophysically, not chemically; it does not use any substances. Therefore, it has no side effects; it cannot and must not stop working, so it must be made of such resistant and high quality materials.

Biow is a super product, on par with super athletes.

5. What advice could you give an athlete to look after their respiratory health?

Just put Biow in your house, ideally in the bedroom. And then: breathe. I know it sounds simple, but that's all it is. Biow has an intelligent system with three laser sensors for different pathogens and knows what you need to breathe at all times. Even at night, it turns off the light from the sensors and goes into ultra-quiet mode so you can just rest. In daylight, the screen lights up again and works more intensely. So the advice is really just to enjoy sleep in a Biow environment.

6. What does it mean for Biow to be a sponsor of Real Madrid's first Congress of Medicine and Applied Sports Science?

First of all, we are very proud. We are very pleased with the welcome that Real Madrid has given us. We can say without effort that Real Madrid is once again a world-class reference. In this case, it is the first club in the world to take care of the cardiorespiratory health of its footballers. This makes them healthier now and in the future, because Biow will accompany them throughout their lives. So it's a great pleasure for us to be part of an exemplary project that will help so many people, for so many years to come.... We are thrilled. A thousand thanks to Real Madrid and especially to the doctors who take care of all the players as if they were their own children.

Source: Real Madrid Congreso Médico