High indoor air quality - What is it?

Setting up indoor air quality - made easy with Biow

The indoor air is also our breathing air, since we spend most of our time indoors. Therefore, it is all the more important to pay attention to an excellent and especially nanoparticle-free air.

A high indoor air quality - on which criteria does this depend?

The indoor air quality depends on various factors. These air quality factors can have a significant impact on our health and well-being. In addition to the appropriate humidity and the perfect temperature, the elimination of pests obviously plays a very important role. Biow's excellent equipment helps you to keep these values in the green zone. It is important to pay attention to each individual factor. Only in combination they can ensure a high air quality permanently.

The elimination of pathogenic pests

The perfect indoor air should of course be free of any fine dust and nanoparticles. These can not only transmit viruses and bacteria, but also be the reason for a variety of respiratory diseases. Biow's sophisticated concept has made the elimination of germs, nanoparticles and fine dust its main task. The most common nanoparticles are, for example, ultra-fine dust, nitrogen oxides and nitrogen oxides. They are not only harmful, but can also have considerable consequential damage for humans. For this reason, indoor air should be free of all fine dust. Allergy-causing substances such as animal hair, pollen and mould spores also stand no chance with Biow appliances. Especially in times like these, when viruses and bacteria are becoming our constant companions, we should also pay attention to excellent indoor air quality. The Biow devices have a so-called plasma ionisation. This destroys the DNA, so that the bacteria and viruses are then only lifeless shells and can no longer multiply. Annoying odours also have no chance with the Biow air purifier. He decomposes the volatile organic compounds and thus ensures a clean and odor-free indoor air.

The temperature - the basis of human well-being

Whether, a person feels comfortable in a room or not, depends very much on the room temperature there. For example, if a room is too warm or too cold, this can lead to a certain feeling of discomfort. In living rooms, the average room temperature should be between 20 and 23 degrees. In the bedroom, the average temperature should not exceed 17 to 20 degrees. Only then can a good night's sleep be guaranteed.

The humidity - the water in the room air

The humidity is another factor that is responsible for good air quality. The optimal humidity level should be somewhere between 45 and 60 percent. Should the humidity be too high, most people feel uncomfortable and listless relatively quickly. Humidity that is too low can lead to irritated mucous membranes in the respiratory tract. The air filter devices from Biow are designed to do just that. They not only make your room air free of nanoparticles, but also guarantee perfect humidity at the same time. Especially for people affected by asthma or even significant bronchitis, humidity plays a very important role.

The cleanliness - the basis for a nanoparticle-free air

The cleanliness of the room air refers not only to particles and pollutants, but also to pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The sophisticated technology of Biow devices not only focuses on the cleanliness of the air you breathe, but also makes it free of particulate matter.

These are the three most important factors responsible for high indoor air quality. Biow's numerous devices focus on each one of these factors. For this reason, they can ensure lasting excellent indoor air quality.

The Effects of High Air Quality

Excellent air quality has a variety of different effects. Not only does it enhance our quality of life, but it is also reflected in other factors:

  • Improving sleep and sleep quality
  • good air quality can reduce snoring to a significant extent<./span>
  • Increasing energy levels and physical well-being
  • Significantly improving breathing
  • . Reduction of respiratory illness and inflammation in the mucous membranes
  • should the indoor air be free of fine dust, typical allergy symptoms are significantly reduced
  • . a high air quality also has a positive impact on the reduction of headaches and migraine attacks

The effects of good air quality can be taken a lot further. We have summarized for you the most important and at the same time also most decided effects.

Biow - the perfect solution for high air quality free of particulate matter

We spend most of our lives indoors. It does not matter whether it is our work office, living room or bedroom. A person breathes in and then breathes out more than 12,000 liters of air per day. This is exactly why we should pay attention to a nano-free and high air quality. Biow is exactly the right partner in this field. The offered devices are subject to a complex air filter technology. They can not only filter nanoparticles from the air, but also clean the air of germs, viruses and bacteria at the same time. After only a short time, users benefit from a significant improvement in sleep quality and well-being. If you also want to improve your air quality and finally be free of any allergies, then you should definitely try the products of Biow.

Do not wait any longer and choose Biow today. From now on, nothing stands in the way of excellent air quality.