Generation of ions by cold plasma ionization

Naturally, ions are created permanently in the atmosphere, for example by electrical discharges (lightning), the action of solar radiation, by water atomization in waves and waterfalls, and other natural processes. Ions can also be created artificially. In this case, the natural processes are artificially simulated. An example of this type of ion generation is the so-called cold plasma process. This is also used in our devices. With the help of the Cold Plasma process, Biow generates negative oxygen ions in concentrations of up to 70,000 per cubic centimeter of room air.

What is plasma?

Cold Plasma Illustration

Plasma is the fourth state of matter, in addition to solid, liquid and gas, and is characterized primarily by its electrical conductivity. In simple terms, plasma is a gas or gas mixture to which a high pressure and/or a high temperature is applied. In nature, plasma is created briefly during a lightning strike, for example. Flames are also partly composed of plasma.

What do ions have to do with plasma?

As already mentioned, the generation of plasma goes hand in hand with the generation of ions. When a mixture of gases - in our case simple air (which is also a certain composition of different gases) - is strongly electrically charged, it happens that the individual components of the mixture lose their neutral state (i.e., a balanced number of protons and electrons) due to the high pressure. This is how ions are created.

How does Biow use Cold Plasma?

Biow uses cold plasma to create ions. Cold plasma ionization or cold plasma ionization refers to the production of ions using cold plasma. It is referred to as "cold" because no heat is generated during plasma generation. Small flashes are generated at short intervals in the ionization module of the device. Thus, there are permanent electrical discharges. In this way, constantly high amounts of ions are generated, which on the one hand clear the air of pests and on the other have a health-promoting effect.

Is Cold Plasma harmful?

The mini-flashes generated by Biow take place inside the device. The user does not come into contact with this part of the device. Also, the voltage does not transfer to the metallic components of the air ionizer, so there are no negative effects from the Cold Plasma generation.