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Here you will find an overview of all offered products (Effective cell regeneration devices & accessories) and services. You will be offered our Biow Air ionization devices and their replacement filters (replacement approx. every 6 to 18 months, depending on the intensity of use) as well as our services such as the assembly and installation service. We also offer the replacement of filters as a professional service. For more information on the respective product or service, please click on the respective product image or product title. Then you can choose whether you want to change the filter yourself or use our exchange service.

Our mobile stand, on which both device variants can be mounted, is also interesting. This is ideal for all those areas where a Biow can neither be mounted on the wall, nor on a raised position - for example, on a dresser. In addition, it is flexible and can thus be used in several places throughout the day, for example in the bedroom at night and in the living room or kitchen during the day. So the Biow is always in exactly the right place.

All equipment, spare parts, accessories and services we offer only the highest quality. Biow is a high-tech device and you can feel it. For example, in the high-quality materials, which are processed 100% in the EU, but also in the quality of our services. The delivery of the equipment is carried out with the forwarding company Planzer, because here too Swiss quality is an important concern for us.