Rent Biow ionizing units

You can also easily rent Biow cell regeneration devices.

We would be happy to prepare an individual offer for you - whether for a private event or business occasion. Also for Offices, meeting rooms and conference rooms Biow is ideal and gives you, your employees and your guests the security of being in a healthy zone.

For celebrations like Weddings, birthdays or company celebrations As well as other private and public events, several Biow devices can be combined. In this way, the protection against infection is significantly increased over the entire interior - no matter how large. Effective Biow ionizers are ideal for any protection concept, as they do their work passively and free the air of harmful particles such as viruses and bacteria.

Especially when a lot of people come together and it is not possible to celebrate in the open air, it will also be important in the future to give guests a feeling of security. Be it at a private celebration of a milestone birthday, a company anniversary or a donation gala: The guests should feel safe and comfortable. This also includes protection against diseases, especially indoors or in festival tents.

Biow 100 devices are best suited for larger event areas, as they have powerful areas of up to 120 eachcan cover m². The covered area can be easily increased with several combined devices, which are then sensibly distributed over the entire area. An arrangement of several Biow 60s is ideal for smaller, individual rooms, as they are more space-saving and lighter. Of course, a combination of large and small devices is also possible. We would be happy to advise you in order to find the most efficient solution for your premises.

Select a desired rental period or contact us for an individual offer. Alternatively, you can rent our equipment for 3 or 6 months directly via the checkout. The good thing about it: If you decide to keep your Biow(s) after the rental period, you only pay the difference between the regular device price and the rental fee already paid.

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