The patented filter process


The unique 10-step filter system

Unser Filterprozess ist einzigartig. Er ermöglicht die gründlichste und umfassendste Reinigung der Raumluft. Gleichzeitig sorgt er dafür, dass unser Körper mehr Sauerstoff aufnehmen kann, was uns eine erhöhte Regeneration, Konzentration und Leistungsfähigkeit verspricht.

The filter stages at a glance

The pre-filter is a coarse mesh whose main task is to filter larger particles from the air. If the pre-filter is missing, the further filter processes can be disturbed by too large particles and possibly clogged. In particular, the longevity of the HEPA-13 filter is protected. These larger airborne particles include dust, hair, and larger pollen.

The antibacterial blue filter eliminates the first bacteria and also protects the longevity of the HEPA filter. In this step, larger bacteria are trapped and eliminated.

In this filtration process, the HEPA-13 HEPA filter filters 99.95% of all particles in a size range between 0.1-0.3 micrometers. This means that, for example, coronaviruses (0.12 - 0.16 micrometers), many other influenza viruses and a large number of other allergens, germs and other pathogens can be effectively removed from the air.

The activated carbon filter has many tiny "chambers" on its surface in which volatile organic compounds such as odours, nitrogen oxides and other gaseous mixtures (VOC) become trapped. This ensures extensive odor neutralization and effectively binds harmful gases such as nitrogen dioxide.


A grid of steel forms the basis for the effective irradiation with UV light that takes place directly above it. The steel reflects the UV rays, ensuring the greatest possible elimination of remaining particles.

The UVC disinfection (UV rays in the wavelength range of 100-300nm) takes place in interaction with the stainless steel filter. A long-lasting, centrally mounted UV lamp generates UVC rays that damage viruses and bacteria inside the device in such a way that the genetic material of the pests is destroyed. What remains is a lifeless shell that falls to the ground. In this context, one also speaks of an inactivation of viruses and bacteria. The stainless steel filter described helps to ensure the effectiveness of this filtering process.

At this stage of the filtration process, only the tiniest and most resistant particles in the air are still found. In order to successfully inactivate them as well, they are electrically charged. Some particles receive a positive charge, others a negative charge. This process causes many tiny particles that cannot be filtered in their normal state (e.g. nanoparticles such as fine dust) to bind together due to the different electrical charges. This creates small "clumps" which now increase in size and mass. The majority of these clumps sink to the bottom, others can be filtered in the next pass.
Ionization offers yet another advantage. This is because the air that is later discharged from the unit, or its constituents, are now ionized as well. This air ionization, in addition to reducing aerosols in the air, also causes increased oxygen uptake in people. The benefits of improved oxygen uptake include improved concentration, increased physical performance, faster wound healing, better regeneration and increased cell reproduction. In short, ionization renders nanoparticles harmless and additionally boosts our health.
Biow devices comply with the IEC 60335-2-65 standard.

The final component of the patented WSN10 technology is thermal sterilization. It is used for the final sterilization of the air before it is discharged to the outside again. In the process, the air inside is heated to over 200°C. At the same time, this function helps to keep the temperature in the room at a healthy level, thus slowing down or completely stopping the multiplication and spread of mould spores and fungi (e.g. in gaps between wallpaper and brickwork)


The effects

In the field of air treatment equipment, only Biow offers a double functionality. On the one hand, our ionizer provides direct health protection against pathogens such as germs, bacteria and viruses. On the other hand, the ionizer provides active health care by providing health-promoting ions.

1. health protection

The comprehensive 10-stage filtration eliminates pests down to a size of just a few nanometers. The emergence and transmission of diseases can thus be significantly reduced or even completely prevented.

✅ Viruses

✅ Bacteria and germs

✅ Spores and fungi

✅ Fine dust

✅ Allergens

2. health care

Thanks to the double ionization of the air, the absorption of oxygen can be increased with each breath. Especially effective even during sleep. The consequences can be manifold

✅ More endurance and fitness

✅ Improved concentration and performance

✅ Positive effect on serotonin levels

✅ Improved wound healing and cell regeneration

✅ Increased well-being

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