Biow für Ihre Gesundheit. Gesunde Luft stärkt den Organismus

Strengthens health and regeneration

Healthy ionized indoor air

Living in an ionized environment strengthens the organism, and helps in recovery. It works best at the optimal moment for our body, namely during sleep. In this phase, thanks to Biow, the body regenerates much better than in untreated indoor environments.

Ionized air promotes health

The respiratory system particularly benefits from the use of biow

Biologischer Schutz

Harmful molecules and particles such as fine dust, gases, formaldehyde, etc, which are found in our ambient air, are often triggers for diseases. These include, but are not limited to:





(Sleep) apnea


The improvement of cell regeneration promoted by Biow has a positive impact on many problems associated with the natural aging process:

Deep and restful sleep

Breathing improvement

Helps maintain muscle tone, energy and vitality

Helps maintain concentration and memory

Eliminates unpleasant odors

How does Biow work?

Biow is a preventive system for everyone. It works completely biophysically. This means that no chemical substances are used. Also side effects occur neither in studies nor in the use by Biow users. For humans harmful ozone is not produced. Biow strengthens health and promotes regeneration in a completely natural way.

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Doctors recommend Biow

Dra. Nazaret Ruiz López

"The way Biow works on people with asthma is amazing. You can feel an improvement in your well-being after just 48 hours. If you suffer from breathing problems, you should use Biow. It will change your life. Moreover, there are no side effects or contraindications with other medical treatments or medications."

Dra. Ana María Coto Montes

Dr. Ana María Coto Montes is currently working with Biow's developers to study Biow's performance at the cellular and systemic levels: investigating how exactly Biow reduces oxidative stress and inhibits organic inflammation. In addition, the question of how its potential contributes to increasing the mitochondrial capacity of energy production in the form of ATP will be explored.

Dra. Aida Maestro Resta

"With Biow, you can significantly improve your sleep and prevent breathing problems in an all-natural way. Breathing without toxins or nanoparticles brings countless
short, medium, and long-term respiratory and circulatory benefits."