Biow, partner of the Movistar team for better recovery and performance.

This article appeared on July 14, 2021 on and was machine translated into German.

Biow is a high-tech device that acts on your organism every night during sleep, helping to detoxify and regenerate the cells of your entire body. This has immediate positive effects on breathing, sleep and skin, as well as medium and long-term effects on many other processes. This is because Biow increased energy production and protein synthesis in the cell and reduced oxidative stress.

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This technology produces amazing results in athletes of all types. There are several scientific studies that support this cutting-edge, bioengineering-based technology as having no health side effects.

Team Movistar Carlos Valverde

Biow is an invention that will revolutionize sports, many agree. It has already been popularized by world-class athletes such as the Spanish national soccer team in the last European Championship, Real Madrid or the Movistar team in the Tour de France. But the big news is that Biow is now accessible to all amateur athletes, as it is now available for the price of a coffee a day.

What is Biow? It is a product that transforms your home into a regeneration room and positively affects your health every night. This means better breathing, less snoring, increased cell regeneration, as well as increased energy production in the form of ATP, which improves your performance in the first month of use. Plus, it has no side effects because it works biophysically and no chemicals are used.

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Biow provides increase in ATP

ATP - or adenosine triphosphate - is the energy supplier of our body's cells. ATP is a compound found in all living cells of the human organism. It is responsible for providing energy required for cellular activities - for example, muscle contractions. ATP is required for energy production and for the proper functioning of many cellular functions in important organs. For example, it is essential for digestion, glandular secretion (e.g., in the hypothalamus), transmission of nerve impulses, tissue repair (tissue synthesis), the mechanism of amino acids and proteins, and muscle contraction, which is essential for moving our body parts and locomotion.

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The experience of the Movistar cycling team

Dr. Eduardo González Salvador, an institution in the world of professional cycling and longtime chief physician for the Movistar team, tells us about the Biow experience at one of the best cycling teams in the world.

"At the Movistar team, this is the second season we've used the Biow device in our cyclists' rooms. The riders have noticed that they recover better. By improving the air they breathe, they rest better, their sleep is more restful, which in the long term, especially in stage races and grand tours, has an effect on better recovery, becoming a key factor in improving performance in the medium and long term. Biow is used permanently, every day. We use it in both the men's and women's teams and we are very satisfied with the Biow CRU units, because the sensations and perceptions of the cyclists, as well as the measurements that we have been able to confirm, show that the improvement is significant"