Ionizing devices

Biow brings nature home! We take this motto literally. Our air ionizers with medical effectiveness create a healthy environment by making the key feature of a healthy nature - namely a high oxygen anion content - also available at home.

This quality of air can only be felt in this form in the healthiest places in the world - and can now be experienced in one's own four walls, ideally during sleep. This is how the body benefits most from the health benefits of breathing in ionized rooms or ionized air.

In a unique way, the atmosphere in the room is enriched with negatively charged oxygen ions. This creates a quality of space that we otherwise only know from places of longing such as high mountains, waterfalls or beaches. Places where we feel well, where we regenerate excellently and to which we are drawn again and again. The special highlight: Biow does not produce significant amounts of ozone (confirmed by the FH Nordwestschweiz) and is particularly quiet. This enables and promotes restful and healthy sleep.

The consequences are varied and individual. However, common to all users is a significant improvement in symptoms of illness, allergy complaints and physical impairments such as headaches, sluggishness and lack of stamina. Welcome your new life full of vitality with Biow.