Biow Ionizers vs. Allergens

It is generally assumed that most allergens are of natural origin, for example plant spores such as grass pollen or pollen. In addition, there is often talk of a peak period of allergies in spring or early summer, when many plants are in bloom. However, it is True that most "modern" allergens are not of natural but artificial origin. Soot particles from combustion engines, such as diesel engines, are found in the air in much larger and more harmful numbers throughout the year. Inhabitants of urban agglomerations are also exposed to much higher levels than inhabitants of rural areas. These allergens are triggers of a whole host of allergies and other debilitating diseases of our immune system.

Alternative treatment for allergies

But how do you filter such allergens from the air? Biow's special multiple filtration systems measure the microparticle load and eliminate allergens of all kinds. With the help of special disinfection processes such as double plasma ionization, it is possible to effectively remove even allergens in the nano range of the size spectrum from indoor air.

Biow is the unique system specifically designed to eliminate allergens and nanoparticles thanks to permanent multilayer microfiltration. The multiple gentle filtration and the special plasma ionization process allow the effective removal of these particles from the air. This process is the result of years of development, which is further advanced by constant research at universities.

Finally a deep breath

In short, even when it comes to allergy triggers, Biow ionizers use their unique, patented ability to convert non-filterable minute particles such as allergens into negatively charged particles - known as anions - so that they combine with positively charged particles in the air. This causes them to clump together, and the particles become larger and heavier. Now the allergens can be filtered and subsequently eliminated. The impact on airborne allergens is enormous and indoor air can be almost completely cleared of allergens.

Biow can help make living with allergies easier and helps relieve symptoms or fight the allergy itself. Biow can also be used as an adjunct to sensitization or other therapies because it is a non-invasive device. It does not affect the body directly, but indirectly by eliminating harmful particles in the air. For more on this topic find here

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Attachment Example BedroomAnbringungsbeispiel Kinderzimmer

Front_Gesunde Luft_Ionisierer_Biow 60_Ionisiation_Gesunde Innenraumluft
Abo_Gesunde Luft_Ionisierer_Biow 100_Ionisiation_Miete_Gesunde Innenraumluft_Produktdetails
Masse_Luft_Ionisierer_Biow 60_Ionisiation_Gesunde Innenraumluft
Anbringungsbeispiel_Schlafzimmer_Ionisiation_Gesunde Innenraumluft
Front_Gesunde Luft_Ionisierer_Biow 100_Ionisiation_Miete_Gesunde Innenraumluft
Abo_Gesunde Luft_Ionisierer_Biow 100_Ionisiation_Miete_Gesunde Innenraumluft
Kinderzimmer_Luft_Ionisierer_Biow 100_Ionisiation_Miete_Gesunde Innenraumluft
Seitlich_Gesunde Luft_Ionisierer_Biow 100_Ionisiation_Miete_Gesunde Innenraumluft
Masse_Gesunde Luft_Ionisierer_Biow 100_Ionisiation_Miete_Gesunde Innenraumluft
seitliche_details_Gesunde Luft_Ionisierer_Biow 100_Ionisiation_Miete_Gesunde Innenraumluft
Display_Gesunde Luft_Ionisierer_Biow 100_Ionisiation_Miete_Gesunde Innenraumluft

Biow air ionizer in monthly rental offer


  • No risk: Easy return if no effect is achieved
  • Healthy sleep for only around CHF 5 per night
  • Everything included: we take care of exchange filters, repairs, etc.

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Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Disorders of sleeping through the night should not be treated directly with medication right from the start. It makes sense to first approach the cause of the problem. If you know a diagnosis or know what the problems with sleeping through are due to, you should first try to treat the problem with alternative medicine. Here, for example, we are talking about herbal medicines such as valerian, melissa, St. John's wort or lavender. Another alternative is a ionizer to name for the bedroom. This cleans and improves the air sustainably and ensures that the body can rest better. Both options are non-toxic and should be considered before prescribing sleeping pills.

The frequency and above all the duration plays a role in a sleeping disorder. Not everyone who wakes up more often during the night has a problem sleeping through the night. This only comes into effect if you wake up regularly during the night and lie awake for several hours or cannot fall asleep. However, if you feel that you are not getting enough sleep at night, you should consult your family doctor. In a sleep laboratory, your sleep behavior can be measured and assessed. Here it is important not to panic immediately, because even if you receive this diagnosis, you can proactively treat your difficulty sleeping through the night.

Insomnia can make you ill in the long run. On the one hand, a constant disturbance of sleeping through the night impairs cognitive abilities and mood. Accordingly, people with constantly interrupted sleep tend to be in a bad mood or even depressive behavior. In addition, if you regularly have trouble sleeping through the night, the risk of a rapid pulse, high blood pressure, sweating or even a heart attack increases.