Biow vs. blood pollution

Our bodies are fortunately designed by nature to naturally eliminate harmful elements such as toxins, pathogens and other molecules that harm our bodies. However, we lack superpowers that would be needed to eliminate all the man-made pollutants in our bodies in our modern world. Even more, nanoparticles in the blood have a cumulative effect. If we constantly store more harmful molecules in our blood than our bodies can remove, we are in a downward spiral. Only if we succeed in stopping the continuous increase of nanoparticles in our blood will we help our body to gradually reduce the levels of pollutants. One of the most ideal times to eliminate harmful elements is obvious: During sleep. In a room that is fully treated by Biow, we have clean and optionally sterilized air at the ideal temperature to best promote the body's recovery.

In just a few days, Biow can reduce mucus in the throat and pharynx caused by pollution. This reduces snoring, drying of the mouth and poor sleep. Breathing in pure, filtered air makes us feel noticeably more rested after just a few days. The body can also eliminate toxins optimally. Likewise, our body is ready for better rest and relaxation. In this way, our blood oxygenation - the binding of oxygen to red blood cells - will gradually become more effective. So, more oxygen can be supplied to all organs.

When a person sleeps horizontally, the heart pumps more efficiently to all organs as the center of gravity is balanced and blood circulation reaches our entire organism.

The effects are very beneficial as we manage to supply much more oxygen to our organs and tissues.

These effects include the following:

- Helping cell regeneration and tissues to perform their function

- Helping to activate the immune system

- Helping to cleanse oneself of toxins<

- Help activate microcirculation

- Help activate antioxidant protection

- Directly induce fibroblast proliferation, collagen, elastin, etc.

In summary, Biow optimally prepares your space and body for regeneration every night, breaking the cycle of pollution that everyone faces.

In short, most Biow users sleep more soundly, more deeply and wake up with more energy, feeling healthier and fitter. It happens to many that they oversleep in the first few days of using a Biow device, simply because their body is not used to such a deep recovery.

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