Biow vs. moisture and mold

Moisture and mould are among the causes of illnesses within one's own four walls. Many allergies also become more pronounced when the air is too humid, allowing mould to spread. This is because mould is often found in places where we cannot see it, such as in the walls or between the wallpaper and the wall. Biow cleans the air of mould spores through UV filtration and its patented sterilisation process, helping to balance the humidity in the room. In this way, the device counteracts the spread of mould. It is particularly important to reduce mould spores in the air in the bedroom, where we are known to spend a large part of our time. Healthy indoor air free of mould spores is the basis for healthy sleep.

To keep the proliferation of mould spores to a minimum, there should be a fairly constant temperature in the room, which should not drop below 16ºC. For this reason, Biow has a temperature control system with a thermostat that you can set to any desired temperature (for example, the aforementioned 16ºC or above). If you leave the heating mode on, the room temperature will not drop below this thanks to small heat pulses. If it gets colder in the room, for example due to open windows, Biow will release warmed air into the room when in heating mode.

In short, Biow eliminates mold spores and helps keep temperature and humidity at healthy levels in the long run. The impact on humidity and mold in a room could not be more important. A healthy environment in this respect helps our bodies to regenerate optimally during sleep. Together with the other positive effects of Biow, for example the elimination of bacteria and viruses or the filtering of fine dust, it also helps to keep pathogens and allergens out of the body.

The anti-humidity function is included as standard in all our units. Simply set your unit to automatic mode (AUTO) and Biow will register the load of the respective particle category. According to this, the working performance adjusts itself fully automatically. Therefore, using a Biow is child's play: set it up, turn it on, breathe easy!

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Anbringungsbeispiel Kinderzimmer Attachment example bedroom
Attachment examples of Biow nanoparticle filters in bedrooms and children's rooms