Biow vs. nanoparticles

One of Biow's features is the filtration of tiny particles in the air called nanoparticles. Our technology helps the body break down nanoparticles. When we talk about nanoparticles we mean tiny molecules that are in the size range of a few nanometers (1 nanometer = 1 billionth of a meter). They occur naturally (in fires, for example) but also, and above all, as a result of human influences, for example as motor vehicle or industrial emissions.

Typical nanoparticles are, for example, fine dust or so-called ultrafine dust. They are so small that they usually cannot be filtered. Often, attempts are made to filter nanoparticles by forcing the sucked-in air through filter systems at high speed. However, a large part of these harmful particles is often released unfiltered back into the room air, because as a rule only the nanoparticles that have already docked onto other, larger molecules remain in the systems mentioned. Since such an approach is not an effective filtering method, it can be assumed that most of the particles that were originally sucked in will simply end up escaping back into the air.

The smaller the molecules, the more difficult it is for our organisms, especially our lungs, to filter the unwanted elements from the air we breathe. For most of human existence, filtering nanoparticles such as particulate matter was also not necessary because it was present in the air only in very small quantities. As a result, these tiny particles can build up in our blood vessels.

Biow, on the other hand, specializes in a different kind of filtration and is patented. Even the tiniest nanoparticles are converted into both positively and negatively charged particles inside a Biow device. This causes an automatic connection with other particles. This connection ensures that the molecules are now no longer quite so tiny, but become so large that our special filters can hold them out of the air. They are then eliminated by UV irradiation. All this happens in a matter of seconds and within each unit. All you get is clean and healthy indoor air that helps you live healthier.

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