Effects of healthy air on our everyday life

Better indoor air quality - The combination of ionization and purification
A good air quality positively influences our health. It also brings a variety of important benefits at the same time. Through the use of an air ionizer, the air in the room is freed from viruses and other pests. On the other hand, negatively charged ions enable an increased oxygen uptake - provided that the device is able to make the oxygen anions available. This can improve human health. As the name suggests, the air ionizer enriches the room air with additional ions. This has a positive effect on indoor air quality. The impact of healthy air on our everyday lives is enormous. That is why more and more households are choosing to use an air purifier with an activated carbon filter and ionizer.
Is indoor air crucial in oxygen intake? - The benefits of increased oxygen uptake
A clean and virus-free room air plays an important role in oxygen uptake. The air ionizer can help to improve oxygen uptake. Improved oxygen intake comes with a host of health benefits. We reveal the benefits to you. In addition, we tell you the secret behind the air purifier with ionizer.
Benefit number 1: Better physical regeneration and cellular regeneration
The increased oxygen intake improves blood flow in the body. The blood flow in the individual arteries and veins is strengthened. As a result, the organs in the body get better blood flow. A strong blood circulation has the advantage that the individual cells regenerate faster. In addition, fewer cells die in the event of an illness. People who have more oxygen in the blood are also not as susceptible to a bacterial disease.
Benefit number 2: Noticeable improvements in both physical and mental performance
Another benefit of increased oxygen intake is improved physical and mental performance. Once our brain is supplied with more oxygen, we are able to concentrate better for a longer period of time. The same is True for the oxygen levels in the blood. With an increased oxygen supply, physical performance increases. Medical studies carried out by the University Hospital in Freiburg have shown the positive influence of air ions on the physical performance of humans. Through an increased oxygen content with air ions, the ability to concentrate increases significantly.
Benefit number 3: Less disease symptoms due to an increased O2 content
An increased oxygen content strengthens the defense function of the lung cells. This research result also results from the medical study of the University Hospital of Freiburg. With the help of an air ioniser, the air in the room is cleaned of fine dust and pollen, among other things. As a result, allergies subside more quickly and can even disappear completely (comparison of different devices for allergy sufferers). Healthy air enriched with oxygen anions also means that fewer infections such as the flu or viral infections occur. Another crucial aspect that increased O2 intake brings is its impact on sleep quality. More and more people suffer from sleep problems and disturbed sleep. The consequence is often a too low oxygen intake. Through a better O2 uptake, the blood is supplied with more oxygen. The quality of sleep improves noticeably as a result, as the survey among Biow users also clearly shows.
Benefit number 4: Increased oxygen levels - a key factor in human beauty and radiance
Few people know that the level of O2 in the blood has a major impact on a person's skin. A person suffering from a lack of oxygen is often affected by skin blemishes or wrinkles. An increased oxygen level leads to fewer wrinkles, fewer dark circles under the eyes and an optimization of the metabolism. In addition, a good oxygen supply contributes to better weight control. This plays an important role especially for people with weight problems. Furthermore, an increased O2 content strengthens and improves the human immune system. This reduces the susceptibility to diseases such as a viral disease or a bacterial infection.
Of course, there are many more advantages that an increased oxygen content in the room air brings with it. We have summarized the most important advantages for you.
Increase oxygen intake - how can it happen?
On the basis of the numerous aspects, it becomes clear what benefits an increased oxygen intake brings. Increasing the oxygen content is possible with the help of an air ionizer. The air ionizer is also known as ion air purifier. The function is the same: With the help of ionized air, the air should be cleaned and enriched with ions at the same time. However, the purification performance in particular leaves much to be desired in many pure ionizers. Biow, on the other hand, combines comprehensive purification of the air with ionization. The upfront purification provides the best possible foundation for increased oxygen uptake. This is because the outflowing ions thus bind significantly fewer harmful particles that are still present. In this way, the efficiency of the increased oxygen uptake increases. Further advantages of an air purifier with ionization in comparison to pure air purifiers can be found in our comparison, which is based on a Kassensturz feature.
The air purifier with ionizer enriches the room air with negative ions. This brings with it a distinct advantage. The negative ion charges combine with the positively charged dust and virus particles in the room air. This combination is so heavy that they sink to the floor. Thus, with the help of an air deduster, the room air can be freed from dust particles and also from bacteria and viruses. Other excess ions also ensure that a higher number of oxygen particles can be inhaled with each breath. This enables an improved and also increased O2 uptake. This in turn has a very positive influence on our health and the associated well-being. The increased oxygen content improves the regeneration after sports and also drives the muscle regeneration. The air purifier has a positive impact on the air and quality of life.
It's best to try it out yourself, and convince yourself of the unique properties of the air ionizer. After just a short time, you can expect to see an improvement in your health. The effects can vary from person to person. That is why it is important to us that every interested party can test Biow first.