Beratungsgespräch mit den Experten gesunder Luft


Our consultation aims to inform you in the best possible way about the mode of action and the many positive effects on your life. Our experts will visit you on request and take into account the numerous influencing factors of a healthy room, from the placement of the devices to the supply of fresh air. In this way, together we will get the best out of it for you.

Telefonische Beratung

By phone

Call us at
041 743 14 14
or let us know when we may call you back.

Beratung per Video Call

Zoom / Microsoft Teams / Skype

We are also happy to advise you by video call.

Persönlicher Besuch

Personal visit

Our experts will visit you at home and present you the right device.

We advise - you decide

Select your preferred option for consultation and advice. We will of course be happy to demonstrate our efficient ionising units in person so that you can get an impression of how quietly and efficiently our devices do their work. It is also possible to install a test device directly on your premises. Because it is important to us that you feel the effects of Biow ionizing units yourself. Due to the current situation, we also answer many questions on request by telephone or video call - we are therefore completely geared to you.

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Mögliche Themen für Ihr Gespräch mit unserem Experten

  • Wirkung von Biow
  • Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten
  • Platzierung und Programmierung
  • Wie erreiche ich einen gesunden Raum?
  • Wie funktioniert Biow aus technischer Sicht?
  • Wie genau kann eine ionisierte Atmosphäre meinen Alltag positiv beeinflussen?
  • Warum ist ein Luftionisator oft die bessere Wahl im Vergleich zu einem Luftreiniger?